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Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Review

15 Jul 2015

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Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Review by @thebeautyhype.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Review

When it comes to lipstick I’m something of a fusspot. My make up boxes (yes, that’s deliberately plural!) are crammed full of lip products that I’ve bought, tried and found wanting. It takes a lot to make me love a lipstick- it needs to be not just the perfect colour against my English Rose complexion, but also the right texture, to last long enough to justify the price, and, if the packaging is sleek and ergonomic, that helps too.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover Review

Hence my joy when I find a product that I really like, as is the case with the new Silkcreme Lip Lovers from Mii. Already a fan of the Brow by Mii products this was my first experience of their other make up lines, and as with the brow products, I’m seriously impressed.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover Review

If there’s one thing that’s important to me when it comes to lipstick it’s the way that a product feels on my lips. I like something that feels soft, nourishing and buttery, but even the slightest hint of that strange, glue-like tackiness that some glosses deliver sends me running for a tissue to remove it instantly.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Swatch

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Swatch – Swoon and Caress Alluring Lip Liners and Lip Lover in Tender

The texture of Silkcreme Lip Lover however is exactly the texture I love in a lipstick. It feels moisturising and velvety, like your lips are being gently enveloped in a soft, warm, creamy balm, but with absolutely no hint of stickiness, even when I deliberately pulled my hair across my face to test for it.

Not only does it feel sumptuous on the lips, it smells gorgeous too, with a very subtle, delicate scent that reminds me of vanilla, but which is perhaps from the lychee extract added to the formula to make it more nourishing.

Straight from the packaging I was slightly unsure about the colour, Tender, that I was sent to try. However on the lips it’s the perfect neutral nude, a honeyed, corally brown with just the right amount of gloss that suits my skin perfectly and works seamlessly with the matching Alluring Lip Liner in Caress from the range.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Review

If delicate neutrals aren’t really your thing the range has six colours in total, plus six matching liners, ranging from ‘Tender’ at the neutral end of the colour palette right through to the dramatic pink of ‘Charisma’ and the vivid red of ‘Crush’.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover Review

The matching Alluring Lip Liners from the same range are highly pigmented, twist up pencils that perfectly balance the Silkcreme Lip Lovers. As someone with both teen daughters and too little time, twist up pencils are my absolute favourite kind, completely eliminating the need to hunt for missing pencil sharpeners that have found their way into teen bedrooms and ensuring that the pencil is always perfect and ready to use when I’m running out of the door.

Mii Alluring Lip Liner Review


The highly pigmented texture of the pencils as well as the inclusion of beeswax means that they have a more creamy than glossy finish. They go on smoothly and evenly with absolutely no drag whilst still retaining a firm enough texture to get a really definite line when you want it.

Having experimented, as well as perfectly lining the lips or helping to reshape your lip line, they also work well on their own all over the lips for a slightly more matte colour that lasts for hours without feeling drying.

Equally, when used in combination with the Silkcreme Lip Lovers you get both long lasting colour and subtle glossiness giving several hours of gorgeous, comfortable, kissable lips.

Mii Silkcreme Lip Lovers are £16.95 and Alluring Lip Liners are £12.50. Both are available here or at salons nationwide.


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One thought on “Mii Silkcreme Lip Lover & Alluring Lip Liner Review

  1. I have apparently been living under a rock, because I’ve never heard of this brand. But I’m fussy too with lipstick (even some MAC ones dont cut it for me) but these sounds nice. I love the look of the lip liners 🙂
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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