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Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Youthful Anti-Ageing Collection

30 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I absolutely love Melvita skincare and so I am really excited about this brand new anti-ageing launch, the Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Anti-Ageing Collection.
Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Youthful Anti-Ageing Collection
This trio is all about harnessing the powerful skin renewal properties of the organic buds of beech, pine, blackcurrant and raspberry to strengthen, firm, smooth and combat the ‘inflamm-ageing’ process.

The Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Anti-Ageing Collection includes Youthful Day Cream (£36), Youthful Night Cream (£38) and Youthful Eye Contour (£29.50).

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Youthful Anti-Ageing Collection
There also Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Youthful Serum (£39) and Youthful Extraordinary Water (£22) which I don’t have to show you but I will say that the serum-like super hydrating Extaordinary Waters in the current line are amongst my favourite products ever.
The Youthful Day Cream uses the firming action of Melvita’s bud complex combined with shea butter to replenish, firm and smooth. In trials, 75% of women noted re-energised and smoother skin after 1 month.
The Youthful Night Cream is a richer texture. This also contains the bud complex and shea butter plus evening primrose oil. After a month, 91% said noted visibly soft, smoother skin.
The Youthful Eye Contour is for morning and night, and contains plankton for dark circles, rye, oat and hibiscus for lines and wrinkles, all alongside Melvita’s bud complex. After 1 month, 66% noted a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, 94% said the area was perfectly moisturised and 74% said elasticity and softness was restored.
I can’t wait to try these. They feel and smell amazing – I can tell a beautiful Melvita product just by the scent. The Bio-Excellence Naturalift Anti-Ageing Collection launches September 2014. It’s quite a wait but I am sure it will be worth it. I’ll update this post if I have more to report. Find Melvita at Feel Unique.

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