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MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash Review

19 Oct 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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If you want to discover a wonderful brand that looks after mind, body and soul, and find a product that helps your spirits first thing in the dark, cold mornings, then I have just the thing. Check out the MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash. It’s like a bit of motivation in a bottle.

MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash
MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash

For the last few days this bottle of goodness has been keeping me going. It has suddenly gotten very dark and chilly in the mornings but this body wash has the power to make things a little bit better.

MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash Features

The brands ethos is all about enabling people to focus on well-being and self-nurture

  • Gentle yet invigorating body wash
  • Uses deeply cleansing actives and harmonising essential oils
  • Reawakens the skin and senses
  • The blend is made of over 80% organic ingredients
  • Uses the purest therapeutic essential oils
  • Lime uplifts the spirits
  • Blood-orange and grapefruit works to firm the skin
  • Frankincense boosts immunity
  • Sandalwood has tissue healing power
  • Rose & Jasmine leaves skin cleansed and soft
  • Enriched with coconut oil to lock in moisture
MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash
MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash

This body wash is an absolute joy. It’s a funny thing because I don’t think we often place much value on what we use to cleanse our bodies in the shower, until we try one that really has an effect and actually changes things in your life.

Bittu Kaushal, co-founder of Mauli says, “Physical and spiritual cleansing through washing, massage, meditation, gentle yoga poses and prayer are all seen as elementary morning rituals for the people of India. Our lives may be better suited to doing fewer things well. Reawaken is our small way of turning the simple act of a morning shower, nightly bath and moments in between, into opportunities to nourish and uplift mind and body”.

If I can start the day like this, with my mind feeling a little more harmonised and my body feeling clean and hydrated, then that’s definitely the way I want to start it! It feels and smells amazing and everything in the world feels a little bit better.

The MAULI Reawaken Hand and Body Wash is £23 for 250ml and is available here



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