Lauren Goodger of The Only Way is Essex Launches Fake Tan. My Review - Really Ree
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Lauren Goodger of The Only Way is Essex Launches Fake Tan. My Review

13 Apr 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Lauren Goodger and Nev from

Lauren from The Only Way is Essex has launched her own range of fake tanning products. Being an addict of all things faux, particularly where tan is concerned (because I rarely expose my poor ageing skin to the sun), I was very eager to try it out.
Lauren Goodger’s Fake Tan
It comes in two varieties; Gorgeous Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse and Gorgeous Tanning Lotion, Beach Bronze Colour – Dark. 
It arrived yesterday, I dived straight at the mousse, and I have to say, I completely love it! It really is gorgeous!!
I used a mitt to apply it, swept it quickly all over my body from top to toe and voila!..I am a bronzed goddess. It was super easy to apply and just glided on smoothly and evenly. The instant colour guide which   also gives you an instant tan, means that you really can’t go wrong because she can see exactly what you’ve done.
It dries super fast so I was dressed and back in action in five minutes. No joke. Fabulous!!
So now to talk about the colour. Was it orange I hear you cry??! Well I can clear that up really quickly. Not orange in the slightest. It is a gorgeous, natural colour with lots of olive tones that has transformed my white pasty skin into beautiful summer ready glowiness! So there’ll be no obvious ‘Essex’ jokes!!
Verdict? I LOVE IT.
Lauren Goodger’s Fake Tan
You could easily go darker or lighter, so you can tailor it to exactly what you fancy.
You can buy the tan at The mousse is RRP £17.95, the lotion is RRP £15.95 or you can buy the duo for RRP £33.90. Excellent prices for such a high quality product. And believe me, I have tried practically every fake tan going!

Nev from


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28 thoughts on “Lauren Goodger of The Only Way is Essex Launches Fake Tan. My Review

  1. Lol I didn’t know what to expect when you tweeted this, I almost thought it would be a joke because I hadn’t heard that Lauren was bringing anything out. This actually looks really good on you and now that you’ve recommended it I’m definitely willing to give this a go. I’m always trying out new tanning products and this sounds like a good next move! Great review x

  2. Lauren is wearing Forever Unique again, that programme must be pretty much sponsored by the brand. Your fake tanning skills are far superior to mine by the way. I tend to steer clear.

  3. I ordered the mousse just now and im thinking i should have got the otion :-S what did you use and how easy is it to apply…. I ALWAYS use St Tropez Mousse……

  4. i use fake bake spray ALL the time as i like my tan 2 be dark.. would love 2 try the mousse though if its as dark as fake bake. what do u think?

  5. Hey – so i notice that you have 2 options..Gorgeous Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse and Gorgeous Tanning Lotion, Beach Bronze Colour – Dark….

    Are these 2 different shades of tan? You mention that you can go as light or as dark as you want – how is this achieved?

    thanks kt x 🙂

  6. Hi Anon

    Both the same colour – just different formula. And how dark you go depends on how much you put on really.

    I am really fair naturally and it gives me a very natural looking colour.

    Hope this helps


  7. Hiya! Basicially just a quick question do you know when the proffesional spray tan is any good? Somebody near me does them and not sure to go for it!! Its 15 pounds which is just the “norm” price so is it worth it do you know anybody who’s had one?

  8. Hiya Ree

    Thanks for the post! I have also been trying to find my perfect fake tan and would really like to try Laurens Way fake tan mousse but i have two questions; can this tan be used for the face as well as the body? and also im not really fond of online shopping, can i buy this in a salon or Boots or somewhere like that?

    Thanks in advance xx

  9. unique:I use Fake bake/St Tropez in my salon and would love to try it. How long does it last and does it dry instantly ??

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