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Lauren Goodger Gets Ready for the Engagement Party of the Year!

17 Apr 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Lauren Goodger with Nev from Wonderful Hair

Check out the gorgeous hair

This is another one for all you TOWIE fans. For those of you who aren’t fans, I am talking about the phenomenon that is, The Only Way is Essex. This programme is causing an amazing stir and whether people love or hate, (and I’m not afraid to say it – I LOVE IT), everybody is talking about it.

I seriously can’t get enough of it and as luck would have it, I somehow managed to wangle myself an invite to Lauren and Mark’s engagement party!!! Unreal, but it has everything to do with all the fun I had at Essex Fashion Week and a certain celebrity hairstylist called Nev from Wonderful Hair.

No respecting Essex girl should be seen without makeup!
Amazingly, I was in the hotel room with Lauren Goodger and her crew while she got ready for her big event. It was quite a surreal experience but utterly utterly fabulous!!
There was hair, makeup, sparkly dresses and loads of Lauren’s Way new fake tan – and that was just me!!
Check out these shots I managed to get. Exciting!!!!! Check out the party pics here.

Calming the nerves before the big party!
Down it girl!
Lauren Goodger’s stylist and best friend Sade
Nicola Goodger with Nev and team
Lauren Goodger is an absolutely lovely lovely girl. She wasn’t at all phased by my rather unexplained appearance in her hotel room, and made me feel really welcome. I met her lovely sister Nicola, her best friend and personal stylist, Sade, her fabbie makeup artist Sam and her hair crew from Wonderful Hair. They were all such a gorgeous, warm bunch of people.

Lauren Goodger looking gorgeous. I love that tan!!
For more info on the tan check out, and for Wonderful Hair

Check out the party pics here.


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