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KNOW Cosmetics UK – Review & Swatches

28 Nov 2016 (Updated: 15 Aug 2017)

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I always get very excited when a new brand from across the pond launches in the UK. Especially when it offers up some really interesting products in the form of quick fix solutions. Even more so when they are hyped as a Sephora best-seller. Here’s a look at the KNOW Cosmetics No Bare Brows, No Dark Shadows, No Thin Lips and No Bleeding Lips.

KNOW Cosmetics UK
KNOW Cosmetics UK

So it’s a pretty concise range and all geared around providing secret remedies for classic beauty problems for example, sparse brows, bleeding lipstick and dark shadows – all issues that many of us worry about. It’s a clever strategy because there’s nothing more motivating than solving the things that bother us most when it comes to making us part with our cash!

KNOW Cosmetics UK Product Range

  • No Bare Brows – universal 4-in-1 brow fix
  • No Dark Shadows – complexion enhancer
  • No Thin Lips – secret lip plumper
  • No Bleeding Lips – secret lip liner

No Bare Brows £18

KNOW Cosmetics No Bare Brows
KNOW Cosmetics No Bare Brows
  • Universal buildable brow colour at one end
  • Invisible taming wax at other end
  • Delivers a waterproof finish
  • Sharpener Cap
  • Brush Cap
  • Built in cleaning wand

So this nifty little pencil is all you’ll need for keeping brows looking good. You start by using the brow colour to define and fill in gaps. If you have fair brows, use a light hand, and if you have darker brows, you can use more product.

Next you go in with the taming wax and then brush the brows into place using the brush cap. I think this is my favourite product from the range because it’s so easy and convenient to use. I am no pro when it comes to brows, but this worked well for me and I love that the brush, and sharpener are all attached. Here’s a little before and after:

KNOW Cosmetics No Bare Brows
Left side with No Bare Brows applied

No Dark Shadows £15

KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows
KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows
  • Complexion enhancer and concealer
  • Silky, light, blendable texture
  • Long lasting, buildable formulation
  • Medium, waterproof coverage
  • Conceals imperfections
  • Light diffusing pigments soften look of darkness
  • Highlights skin
  • Available in 2 shades Wow (rose undertones), Pizazz (yellow undertones)

I really like the creamy texture of this and as well as covering darkness it also smooths out the skin. I applied it to one eye so you can its effect.

KNOW Cosmetics No Dark Shadows
Left side with No Dark Shadows applied

It is a tiny bit dark for my skin (because I like the brightening effect of lighter shades) so I am wondering if the rosy shade would suit me better.

No Thin Lips £15

KNOW Cosmetics No Thin Lips
KNOW Cosmetics No Thin Lips
  • Colourless lip plumper
  • Rapid Plump complex stimulates blood flow
  • Advanced peptides increase hyaluronic acid production
  • Instantly plumps and volumises lips
  • Uses Aloe extract and Vitamin E
  • Moisturises and hydrates
  • Use alone, or over/under colour
KNOW Cosmetics No Thin Lips
KNOW Cosmetics No Thin Lips

I really like this because it’s super hydrating and makes my lips look nice and juicy. It has that peppery sensation that all lip plumpers have, but it’s pretty mild compared to others I have tried. I can’t actually say if it makes them look fuller though – I think maybe it does. Perhaps repeated use would show a more noticeable effect.

No Bleeding Lips £12.50

KNOW Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips
KNOW Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips
  • Clear lip liner
  • Can be worn with any shade of lipstick
  • Stops bleeding and feathering
  • Wax based formula
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof
  • Lasts 5+ hours

I don’t have a huge problem with bleeding lipstick and I haven’t properly tested this out yet, but I kind of like it already. It glides on to the lips easily and creates a nice grippy base for lipstick, so it makes applying colour nice and easy.

I really like this range and by all accounts it does pretty well in the US (where you can find it HERE). The only thing that worries me about the KNOW Cosmetics UK launch is the price point, and where exactly it fits on the high street. I guess we’ll see! Find it HERE.


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