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June By Netatmo UV Device

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I was absolutely thrilled to discover this brilliantly clever gadget at Space NK today. If you care about protecting your skin from the sun (which if you’re a regular here you will know that I am properly obsessed with that), then you need to have a little read of this. Check out June By Metatmo – it’s a pretty bracelet that actually measure how vulnerable you are to UV and tell you when to get the SPF out, and it’s all tailored to you.

June By Netatmo UV Device

So the June By Netatmo UV Device has been developed to allow us to care for and protect our skin depending on our own skin types and the current levels of UV at whatever time and wherever you are. You wear it on your wrist and it hooks up with your smartphone as it measures your exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Its monitoring allows it to deliver realtime advice via messages on your phone on how to protect yourself from the sun. You complete a profile on your phone and then the accompanying app is able to suggest the most appropriate SPF cream
for your skin, taking into account the current UV levels. Genius!! Apparently, it can also tell you you should pop on your hat and shades and when you really need a bit of shade.

I spend my life trying to get into the shade, so it would be interesting to see if the June By Netatmo UV Device can tell me if I should be in the shade or whether I am just completely paranoid.

By the way, I know I am paranoid… I actually think I can feel pigmentation popping on my skin as soon as I feel any heat from the sun, so maybe this could help with my mental state!!

The device itself has been developed by a designer who creates pieces for leading French jewellery names, and it is really very attractive. It comes with a leather strap which you can swap for a silicone one if it is going to see a bit more action.

The June By Netatmo UV Device costs £118 and come in gold, gun metal or platinum. It launches at Space NK in May 2015.