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The Gorgeous Joan Collins Compact Duo

4 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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What are the two make up products that you absolutely need in your handbag? A powder compact, with a mirror, and a lipstick. So imagine if you could combine these two? And what if by combining these two must-have items, it meant they were easy to find in your bag. What if it cut down on extra products rolling around and looked good? Well, thanks to the ever so glamorous Joan Collins, here is the Joan Collins Compact Duo.

Joan Collins Compact Duo
Joan Collins Compact Duo

The case itself is not only beautiful but ingenious. The gold and black sturdy plastic case holds the compact powder and applicator inside. There is also a small mirror inside and then the lipstick fits snugly in to the lid.

These two essentials will get you out of most situations. Freshen up your face during the day, de-shine your T-zone, perk your complexion up with a fresh application of lipstick. Also for after work drinks, or when you know you may run in to someone and you want to make sure you have your game face on. Side note – who’s ever quickly popped to the shops for something with a face on that says “I’ve been lying on the sofa watching The Walking Dead box set all day, with a family pack of crisps for company” only to then see your ex by the fresh meat counter?! That is when you swiftly reach in to your bag for the Compact Duo, sweep the powder over your face and then deftly apply the lipstick, ready to hold your head high and strut on by!

Joan Collins Compact Duo – Meticulous Pressed Powder

Joan Collins Compact Duo - Meticulous Pressed Powder
Joan Collins Compact Duo – Meticulous Pressed Powder

The Joan Collins Compact Duo – Meticulous Pressed Powder is a translucent shade so would suit many skin tones. The powder has no shine or glitter particles and doesn’t dry out skin. It does have light reflecting particles, which enhance the skin, giving an invisible coverage. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and helps to fill fine lines. The powder sponge is a handy size which is a soft puff rather than a sponge.

Joan Collins Compact Duo – Divine Lips

The packaging of the Divine Lips lipstick is just gorgeous and feels lovely in your hand. This shade is ‘Katrina’ and is a dark brown nude and on my lips has a plum hue to it. It is such a lovely winter shade which is hydrating and feels really comfortable on lips and in no way drying. Good lasting power as well.

The Compact Duo is one of those products that you’ll immediately think of someone who it would make a perfect gift for. However, then when you get it, you’ll have to order one for yourself. I’m all for multi-functioning cosmetics, which this duo is and it looks so good as well.

The Joan Collins Compact Duo costs £34 and comes in a wide range of colours. For more details or to buy click here

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