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Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil Review

4 Jul 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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2017 has been my year for exploring skincare. From facial oils and serums to body exfoliators, creams and oils. I have always loved looking after my skin and trying new products but as I have got older I have realised just how important it actually is to ensure my skin can stand the test of time!

Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil
Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil

As part of my skincare exploration, I came across the French brand Indemne. I have always heard very positive things about French skincare brands but I had never heard of this brand nor had I ever tried their products. When I looked into it further, I was keen to test out something from the range. Indemne uses all natural ingredients, essential oils and vegetable oils to create lovely skincare that can nourish and tackle even the most difficult or sensitive skin issues!

After looking through the different products I decided it would be good to test the multipurpose oil called Indemna Antiseche Nourishing Oil. This is an oil that can be used on the body, face and hair. This oil is designed to nourish the skin and hair whilst protecting it from day to day environmental stressors. I had not used many body oils before this so I thought why not try it?

Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil
Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil

To start, the packaging was gorgeous! I love the triple drawer box which is well made and can easily be reused. It was adorable that the oil was placed into one of them as a little surprise! The oil box itself is also visually pretty and sturdy. There was no information on the box in English but there was a helpful pictogram showing where to use the oil on the body.

Inside the oil box was this lovely oil bottle:

Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil Review
Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil

This is a 100ml glass bottle with a pump action dispenser. I really like this because you can control the amount of oil you use each time. The oil is a lovely deep yellow colour and has a pleasant calming scent, just as you would expect with essential oils.

I also received a helpful information note about the oil:

Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil Review
Indemne Antiseche Nourishing Oil Information

According to the note, the oil contains grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, orange blossom and chamomile. All of these combined will hydrate, protect and soothe the skin. I started using the oil as soon as I received it and can happily testify to the fact that it does all those things! Here are the different ways I used it and my thoughts:

  • I used it each day after my morning shower all over my body. At the time I received the oil I was suffering with dry skin patches and I focused on treating those areas with the oil. The oil is light and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily film or residue. I am pleased to say that after only a week’s used those dry patches have virtually disappeared! I have also noticed that the skin on my knees and elbows is much softer than it was!
  • On a few occasions I also used the oil on my body before bed and noted that it did not transfer to my bed linen and my skin felt beautifully soft in the morning! The scent was also very relaxing and helped me to sleep!
  • On a couple of occasions I used the oil on my hair, mainly on the ends which can be dry. Usually I am very reluctant to use oils on my hair as my hair becomes greasy very quickly anyway but I wanted to see whether the oil had as good an effect on my hair as it did my skin. Again I was pleased with the result in that my dry ends were softer and smoother after use. However, I would definitely not use it anywhere near the roots unless you use it before shampooing!
  • I also tried the oil on my face at night, not in the day as I have oily combination skin. I loved how it made my skin feel pampered and supple right through to the morning. It also did not cause me to break out which can happen with some facial oils.
  • Finally I used the oil on my feet and cuticles and I am amazed at the results! My hands are soft and smooth and where I would usually have flaky skin around my cuticles there is now healthy nourished skin! As for my feet, the skin is soft and the heels and balls of my feet have no dry skin anymore!

Overall, this Antiseche Nourishing Oil is brilliant! I have suffered no negative side effects or reactions to the ingredients. I have used it every day for over a week, sometimes twice a day, and still have 95% of the contents left because a little goes a long way. Better yet, my skin is in great condition! I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone and it is definitely one of my staple skincare products now. I cannot wait to try some other items from the brand! Find it here


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