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Impress Gel Fake Nails Review – A Perfect Manicure At Your Fingertips

2 Sep 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I’ve never been a press-on nail type of girl. The few times that I’ve tried them have always resulted in an embarrassing public pinging-off moment, leaving me vowing I’d never bother again. I don’t even bother with standard nail polish; no matter how many base coats and top coats I do, I’m rarely chip-free after 24 hours. When it comes to nails, I’m all or nothing. I wear acrylics with gel on top, done regularly at the nail salon, or nothing at all. Nothing else seems to survive the whirlwind of my life; and despite hardcore fans of Shellac promising me otherwise, I can’t even go 100% gel. I must be especially heavy handed.

When the Impress Gel Fake Nails arrived for me to review, I was intrigued but not hopeful. I have very small hands, and press-on nails don’t ever seem quite the right shape. These didn’t even come with glue, they are literally pressed on, and I just wasn’t very convinced that they would last very long.

I had an evening out at a crazy golf event, and I thought it would be the ideal time to put these bad boys to the test. Putting the nails on was pretty simple, even if I did struggle to find ones exactly small enough. My instant reaction was that I didn’t like them, they seemed clunky and too large for my nail beds. They reminded me of my acrylic nails before they’d been thinned down.

Impress Gel Fake Nails
Impress Gel Fake Nails – Flash Mob

Once my fingers had had time to adjust, they no longer felt so clunky, and no one I was with could tell they were press-on nails. I guess no one is ever really close up enough to notice your nail beds!

The next day I was painting, decorating and gardening. The nails were still on, so they were coming along for the ride. I have to say I was pretty amazed when they survived unscathed, and I’d started to fall in love with them.

I’m now on day 5, and every single nail is still going strong. They’re almost ready to come off, as they’re starting to come away slightly, but by gosh, Impress nails have certainly impressed me, and I reckon they’re ideal if you need some party nails that definitely won’t ping into the buffet, or just a fun £7.99 pick me up.

I can’t wait to try some of the other styles next!

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