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Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup Review & Swatches

6 Nov 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Ilia was founded in 2011 by a lady called Sasha Plavsic in Canada. Their calling card is certified organic makeup with an aesthetic focus. The brand is new to me, but it’s very popular in America. Each of Ilia’s products is filled with up to 85% bioactive ingredients which I find amazing. I spend 90% of my waking life with some makeup on my face, to think that makeup is so richly imbued with skin-kind ingredients is very comforting.

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup

The founder’s younger brother (Olympic athlete Zack Ilia) suffers with allergies and their mother sought to alleviate his condition through homeopathy and organic living. This background in organic botanicals has informed Ilia’s philosophy. I really like that there is a family element to this brand. All Ilia’s makeup is leaping bunny certified cruelty free, formulated without parabens, phtalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, nanoparticles, EDTA and DEA. It’s also gluten-free and some products are vegan.

I have been sent a number of items from Ilia’s Copper Glow Collection to review- Ilia Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer, Silken Eyeshadow Stick in Age of Consent, Coloured Pure Mascara in Macao, Lipstick in The Brides, and Ilia’s Finishing Powder Brush.

The packaging is attractive and practical. Ilia has the sort of style you wouldn’t immediately associate with natural, organic makeup. The aesthetic focus is visible, the packaging is certainly appealing- brushed aluminium with understated lettering.

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup Review

Ilia Lipstick in The Brides £22

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – Lipstick

Lip care products are where the Ilia brand started, so I was most excited to try this. The Brides is a warm, nude toned, sheer satin lipstick, I would describe it as a light terracotta colour. It feels almost like a balm going on, it’s very moisturising.

Ilia lipstick has a light scent of honey, and indeed it contains beeswax (along with several other natural moisturising agents). The ingredient list sounds delicious- sesame seed, sunflower seed, olive fruit, rosehip, sage. The colour gives a warm neutral look and I’ve been basically using it like a balm and keeping it on me for top ups. Find it HERE

Ilia Silken Eyeshadow Stick in Age of Consent £23

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – Eyeshadow

I do love an eyeshadow stick, they’re so quick and easy to apply and blend. Great on their own or as a base for eyeshadow powder. Age of Consent is a dark metallic bronze with glitter particles. Again it has a lovely smooth moisturising feel to it and glides on beautifully.

Coconut oil is at the top of the ingredients list, so you know that your eye skin is going to love it. It looks great paired with dark brown eyeliner and gives for a great metallic, smoky look. If you’re oily of eye (like me) I would suggest setting with a powder to keep it fully in place. Find it here

Ilia Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer £30

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup - Highlighter
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – Highlighter

This is my pick of the bunch. Having highlighter in stick form is so handy, you can be accurate and swift at the same time. Cosmic dancer is a flattering, light champagne shade. The effect it gives is subtle but buildable. A quick swipe of Cosmic Dancer and you look like you have had a stroll in a summer meadow. The effect it gives is lovely, very natural. Find it HERE

Ilia Pure Mascara in Macao £22

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – Mascara

Pure Mascara in Macao is a metallic copper coloured mascara. It’s not a glitter mascara but just gives a metallic sheen to the lashes. It doesn’t look as crazy as I was worried it would, a warm metallic glint just catches the eye in the light. I would never have thought to seek out a copper mascara, but it really completes this nude metallic look.

The other bonus feature of Pure mascara is its ingredient list. I have a vague fear that all this stuff I put on my eyelashes will one day cause them to drop out, can you imagine the horror? Ilia’s mascara contains Aloe leaf, Avocado butter, vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate. I am quite confident when applying Pure mascara that it isn’t going to do my lashes any harm. On the contrary, I’m sure if you use this regularly you would be able to see benefits. Find it HERE

Ilia Finishing Powder Brush £36

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – Brush

This is a beautiful brush. The handle is the signature Ilia brushed aluminium handle and the brush is super soft. The head is full and slightly tapered with two toned, animal friendly, synthetic bristles. It’s ideal for finishing with setting powder. Find it here

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup Swatches

Here are the Swatches– Ilia Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer, Ilia Lipstick in The Brides and Ilia Silken Eyeshadow Stick in Age of Consent:
Worn together these products create a nude glowy monochromatic look, which is in keeping with the current 90s trend.

Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup
Ilia Copper Glow Organic Makeup – On The Face

If you are a devotee to cruelty free organic makeup or have problem with makeup sensitivity I would totally recommend you check out Ilia’s high end botanical organic makeup.

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