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Four Things People With Great Skin Eat!

14 Mar 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Ever thought beauty was just about the products we use on our faces? Think again! Whilst we think you’re all gorgeous to begin with (never forget it!) there’s more we can do to enhance our beauty than just diving into our make up bags. One of our favourite ways to add that extra glow to our skin and sparkle to our eyes is by eating the best foods to keep us healthy! Here are four of our favourite beautifying foods…



We like to think of strawberries as a particularly glamorous fruit (they work well with both champagne and chocolate, so there’s no way we’re complaining!) and they also happen to be wonderful for our skin! They contains lots of vitamin C, are great for a radiant complexion and they also help to produce collagen – who needs pricey treatments when we can tuck into a plate of delicious strawberries?



One of our favourite salad toppings, avocado, is awesome for your skin as it contains vitamin E, which supports healthy skin growth and protects your complexion from cell damage. If you’re not too keen on the taste, why not pop a chunk into your next green smoothie and disguise it with flavours you like better? All in the name of beauty!

Cashew Nuts


The happy little cashew nut really packs a punch – not only do cashews contain antioxidants, but they help to produce melanin (skin and hair pigment) too. Melanin also helps protect our skin from UV damage! One of our favourite times to snack on cashew nuts is after a workout – it means you have that cute post-exercise glow to your skin, as well as the knowledge you’re beautifying it from the inside too!



Who knew that our morning bowl of oats could actually be doing our skin some good? Foods like whole grains release sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, leaving you feeling more satisfied and less likely to grab for that 11am (if we last that long) bag of crisps or bar of chocolate. Oats are Low-GI; High GI foods could actually be a cause of skin sagging – we know which side we’d like to stay on!


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