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Holiday like Jerry Hall

7 Aug 2015

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Written by @VictoriaCraig77

For months I have been looking at swatches, listening to reviews, dreamily staring at the fabulous vintage packaging anxiously waiting for the Charlotte Tilbury and Norman Parkinson collection to arrive.  It symbolises the start of summer, a change in my make up wardrobe and deciding which products will make it into the plastic transparent bag in my holiday hand luggage.


To be completely honest I am already a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury. Her wonderglow and film star contouring palette already really cheers up my pale freckly complexion without making me look orange or overly made up and it goes without saying that I am one of those women who can imagine myself as a leading lady in glamorous old movies. So I eagerly ordered  a selection of her new collection and could not wait to rip open the boxes and get my hands on her latest offerings. I was not disappointed.

The packaging is the usual rose gold on the matt revolution lipsticks but it is the two compacts which contain a dewy pink cream blusher and peachy gold highlighter which really got my heart racing.

The two images chosen for the front are of vintage ladies holidaying give you a little bit of holiday and hat envy. Where can I get one of those flowery bathing caps??? Two fabulously clad figures adorn the front of each compact.  They are light and covered in Charlotte’s signature gold colouring.  Inside there is a lovely mirror to apply more as the day or night progresses and it has that satisfying ‘click’ when the lids are closed.


The lipsticks are pretty nude pink, perfect for the day time and the matt orange red will be perfect to leave around the rim of your pina colada as the sun sets.

The blusher is very creamy to touch, it applies easily to my cheeks and blended in wonderfully over my gentle contouring. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks with my fingers and then blended, i also used my contour blush to blend both products together.

By far my favourite member of the band is the highlighter. It is a very finely milled powder which feels almost creamy when applied to the cheekbones. It blends easily again and also gives you a bit of pretend holiday glow. It captures the light and reflects it right back at everyone in the room. It really did make me feel like my skin was smooth, flushed and golden. A perfect holiday look for the beach, the poolside bar, or even a trip to the supermarket in the rain. After all applying holiday make up on a disappointing British summer day is the closest most of us can get to the cover girls on the front of my new and favourite compact.


Post by Victoria Craig.

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