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In Highlight- Millie Kendall MBE

13 Feb 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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For the latest in our In Highlight series looking into the lives of women who love beauty we talk to Millie Kendall MBE, co-founder of BeautyMART

I was not really allowed to wear make up when I was a teen. My Dad is a hairdresser so I could dye my hair but make-up was not a big thing for me at all and just wasn’t used in our house.

I guess I had two completely contradictory influences, my mum who was a no make-up wearing tomboy looking type and my grandmother who resembled Zsa Zsa Gabor with her hair and makeup always immaculate.

Millie Kendall MBE, Co-founder Of BeautyMART

So I had a fascination with beauty, watching my grandmother prepare herself at her dressing table. She would use Nivea cream, a lot of Lancome and would spit in her mascara palette as she never use a modern wand type mascara (aways the block with the little brush). But at home mum never wore make-up but she did have green and orange hair in 1975, so very Ziggy Stardust.

I was always a skincare obsessive, washing my face religiously and really spending a lot of time on my skin. And I have always coloured my hair, but as you can probably guess this was a family thing, we all did.

Nowadays I am still not much of a make up wearer, but I know a hell of a lot about it, I have had my own range Ruby & Millie and probably see and try most of the more innovative products that launch. I have a lot of friends that are some of the world’s leading make-up artists so the discussion about a lipstick, eyeshadow or base can go on and on for hours and hours. I am more theoretical than practical. I do try a lot of product, sometimes on my face or on my arm/hand. But I am more about colour, texture and what pigment content a product has and how it dispenses and delivers on the skin.

I am definitely more into nude lips than I am into brighter colours these days, and I have a plethora of nude lipsticks and glosses so the tones can vary quite a bit. I wear a smokey eye a lot. I find it easy and forgiving when you are just not looking your best. I don’t always wear mascara, and I often don’t put the mascara on the lower lashes. When I do, I use Fairydrops.

I think there is a slightly different look to adding mascara to your lower lashes and I like to change small details because I believe a subtle adaptation can make a lot of difference. I use a variation of cream blushes, from a bright pink one to a bright orange. I like this lift it gives to my complexion. I also use a variety of bases so everything from a heavy foundation to a tinted moisturiser, I adapt as I see fit. Depending on my mood, what I am doing that day, the weather etc…

Favourite products:

Body – I am a big fan of body oil. I use Prismologie’s dry red oil, it is luxurious and the scent is alluring and sexy. I also use Vita Coco coconut oil. Sometimes I use the roll on oils from Pacifica if I am traveling. They are quite easy to throw in a bag.
Fitness – I was boxing and playing tennis but I have torn a muscle so now I am going to do a bit of yoga.

Skincare – I triple cleanse and have a long drawn out regime but this is just my thing I love it… so I remove my make up (mostly mascara) then use a cleansing oil or balm, then perhaps a cream and then a non-alcohol based toner or essence, then a serum and a moisturiser or oil. SIMPLE.

Brands I love: Emma Hardie, Saison beauty, DHC, Shu Uemura, Pixi and a couple of exciting new brands I am trying.

Foundation – I have 3 favourites: EX1 invisiwear, Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint, and then Erno Laszlo Absolute finish. Three different textures for different occasions.

Eye Make-up – Big fan of Bourjois’ eye liners, and absolutely my favourite products are my friend Jillian Dempsey’s lid tints. They are subtle cream eye shadows and you can just smear them on with your fingers, I like nothing more than simple and easy execution.

Cheeks – I use Bourjois creme rouge in a subtle pink tone, and also Mac Cream Colour in virgin isle, sometimes Face Stockholm’s cream rouge in a shocking fuschia, or Une’s more brown toned cream rouge. I alternate the colours but the textures are pretty much the same.

Lips – Lip balm, or nude lipsticks – my all time favourite is Shiseido lacquer rouge. I wear red lipstick very occasionally but will buy anything bright and neon, I am a collector more than a wearer.

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