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Haircut Tips You Need for Long Hair

27 Jun 2014

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I don’t get my hair cut a lot but when I do I want to make sure it’s right because my hair really is a lot of who I am and how I feel about myself. I had a terrible hair cut once and I have since vowed never to let that happen again! Yesterday I had my hair cut at John Frieda in Mayfair with Andreas Wild who I absolutely adore and so I thought I’d share my top haircut tips for long hair with you.

John Frieda Salon, Mayfair – Andreas Wild

Because I have been growing my hair long, and because I want to keep it long and thick, it is essential that I have a hairdresser that completely gets this! I hated my hair for nearly 2 years because someone didn’t get it, so this is seriously important. These are my best haircut tips for avoiding disaster.

Haircut Tips – No 1!

Find a hairdresser you feel comfortable with. This is vital because you need to feel brave enough to tell this person exactly want you don’t want. As soon as I see Andreas, he asks me what I want and I always reply with the things that I don’t want!

  • Don’t take too much off
  • Don’t thin it out
  • Don’t make me cry!!!

It is so important that you find someone who is ok with this and doesn’t take offence. After all, they are the professional and probably have all kinds of ideas about how they can improve your hair; but at the end of the day, it is your hair and you must be happy with it when you walk out of that salon!

Andreas and I always have a laugh about how fussy I am, but it all feels good and I feel totally safe.

Haircut Tips – No 2!

Have an open mind and listen to advice. As I have said, the hairdresser is the professional and could probably really improve what’s going on if you let them. If the advice sounds good and you decide to go with it, continue to stress all the things you don’t want to happen! For me…

  • Don’t take too much off
  • Don’t thin it out
  • Don’t make me cry!!!

Haircut Tips – No 3!

Stay strong! If you feel that something is happening that you haven’t actually asked for, you have to be brave enough to call a halt to the porceedings, even if you find this awkward and embarrassing. Remember this is the hair you have to wear everyday and you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re in control. If you have followed Haircut Tips 1 & 2, the likelihood of this is minimal but it still pays to pay attention. Unless you know your hairdresser well, you’ll need to watch them like a hawk and be ready to intervene! The sooner you say something, the more reversible it will be.

I have to say, however, I never have to do this with Andreas because he is WONDERFUL and I LOVE HIM!

Haircut Tips – No 4!

Once the cut is done, any worry is pretty much over. Now let the hairdresser blowdry and style your hair in the way they choose as you just might learn something. I absolutely love watching this part because I love to get tips on different ways to style my locks. Use this time to ask lots of questions and get advice on  how to manage your hair at home. I learnt the power of pin curls in the salon!

John Frieda Salon, Mayfair – Andreas Wild

I hope you find this useful. To be fair it is all pretty basic and really all centres on communication which takes me right back to the beginning. You have to find someone you feel comfortable with and isn’t offended when you are clear and firm about what you don’t want. Andreas just laughs at my fussing but then 100% respects the decisions I have made and then adds in his stylish twist. As I said, I love him…

If you want to find out more about getting your hair cut at John Frieda, and I totally recommend it, visit John Frieda online.



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