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GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Review

19 Feb 2015

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I thought I’d give this new mascara from GOSH a go as I have always quite liked the brand’s eye products. They do great long lasting liners. Here’s a look at the GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara.

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Review

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Features

So this one is all about adding drama and extra definition to lashes:

  • Soft and supple vortex brush with reservoir bristles for length and volume
  • Smudge-proof, flake free formula
  • Perfume free
  • Paraben free

It’s a pretty interesting brush that looks different from nearly every angle.

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Review

The top part is designed to capture lashes and load on volume. The bristles are organised like 9 combs around the centre of the brush with 2 open reservoirs. I think the longer bristles work to comb out and lengthen the lashes but I am guessing because the press release is very obviously a poor translation from another language. It totally reads like like Google Translate! But to be fair, it not about the words, it’s about the lashes!!

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Before & After Photos


GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Review – Before Photo

With One Coat:

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara Review – After Photo

I think this is a fairly good result for just one coat. What I like about this mascara is how black it is, and it certainly adds definition to the eyes. It doesn’t seem particularly volumising but I think that’s fine for when I want more of a day time look. The brush makes it pretty easy to get right into the roots of the lashes and doesn’t dab onto the lid which is something I struggle with a lot.

GOSH No Limits Lash Mascara is £8.49 and is available now. I am assuming it’s in store but I can’t yet find it online at Superdrug. Check out the range HERE.



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