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Going Red & My Hairstory!

9 Mar 2015 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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It’s so funny. The idea of going red is a serious turnaround for me. For practically my entire life I have been waging war against the red in my hair. When I was younger my hair was what people described as auburn and I absolutely hated it! I have no idea why but all I can say is that being ‘ginger’ wasn’t quite as cool then as it is now! There there are so many gorgeous redheads around now that, little by little, I have begun to want to join them!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

This year, my blog and my pride and joy, ReallyRee is five years old and much to my constant surprise and joy, my hair has become a big, big part of that. I always feel a bit of a cheat because, definitely for most of that time, it has always been the same! Readers and social media followers are always interested in my hair but I never give anyone anything different!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

It’s always waves, it’s always long, I’m surprised that people don’t start complaining. And so I thought, to celebrate 5 years of this weird and wonderful life that blogging has given me, I would do the opposite of what I have done all my life, I’d give in to my growing red-lust and fully embrace going red. When Nice n Easy asked me to take part in their Shift a Shade campaign, it seemed like the perfect thing to do.

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

Apart from a dabble with ombre, an extremely high maintenance and un-workable blonde experience, and playing around in similar shades of brown, I have had pretty much the same colour hair for all my adult life. Considering that there’s a whole world of colour out there, it kind of feels like such a waste.

Apparently, the average woman will only have 3 different hair colours in her lifetime – that’s roughly one colour change every 28 years. Until now, I was on track to fit right into that stat!

So I took the plunge and dyed my hair, using Nice n Easy shade 5WR Natural Warm Auburn (4 boxes of the stuff!). Even the shade name goes right against the grain because ‘warm’ has almost been a swear word over the years when it came to my hair!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

It was tricky picking a colour because I have never added red into the mix before (apart from a disastrous intermediate stage in a transition to blonde) and I had no idea how it would turn out. Also there are 56 to choose from! The colour guide on the box is really brilliant though, and then I got Jonathan Long, who is Nice n Easy’s ambassador to confirm I was going for the right shade. You could definitely ask what your hairdresser thinks if you need some objective advice.

So I did the colour, (I’ve used Nice n Easy loads before) then dried it trying not to pay too much attention in case I didn’t like it!

But when I was putting my makeup on, I looked at my skin and it just looked so much fresher and more alive. And my makeup seemed to look nicer! Oh my god, I can’t tell you the relief. Until that point I had that nagging little voice in my head saying, “I told you you shouldn’t go red”. And then it stopped. Ridiculously it changed to “You should have done this years ago!!”. How fickle I am and clearly far too respectful of those little voices in my head!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

What I really love is that it looks really different in different lights and but always seems to light up my skin. Considering I have an absolute arsenal of skincare and makeup products trying to achieve that very thing, this is big! I have pale skin, and cool tones make it look pasty. This warm tone makes it look more like the porcelain people talk about! Yes!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

It has a really multi-tonal look, and because it suits my skin tone and my eyes, I think it looks really natural. So I have properly shifted a shade! In fact, I think I may have shifted 3! Woo! I honestly can’t tell you how pleased I am that Nice n Easy asked me to get involved with the #ShiftAShade campaign. I feel so lucky to be doing this job, and after 5 years of blogging away, I have finally gone red!!

Going Red with Nice n Easy #ShiftAShade

If you ever wanted to take the plunge and change your hair colour at home, I honestly could not recommend Nice n Easy enough. There’s a massive choice of shades, and the multi-tonal technology ensures that you’ll get a gorgeous natural looking result, and never flat and lifeless. And you know what they say, a change is as good as a rest!! I say do it!

You can buy the  Nice n Easy range HERE and if you need any colour guidance, check out the Nice n Easy website. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about me going red or changing your colour. Catch me here or on twitter.



*Huge thanks to Nice n Easy for sponsoring this post and giving me the push I needed to go for it!

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6 thoughts on “Going Red & My Hairstory!

  1. Hi Ree 🙂
    I love your hair!! You’ve been my hair idol ever since I started reading your blog; I’m thinking of going a similar colour as you did, but my hair is dark brown. Did you have to lighten yours before colouring? I’d love to know more about your experience in that way.
    Happy 5 years, you awesome lady!


    1. Thanks so much!!
      Well my hair is lighter, but the Nice n Easy colour I used took care of all that in one step. My natural hair is quite a bit darker. I had to use quite a few boxes but it’s so easy to do.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      And thanks so much for your support!! <3


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