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Glossybox X ReallyRee Rose Gold Edit #GlossyboxXReallyRee

7 Dec 2015 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Bit of a different video for you all today because it’s time to show you something I have been working on for quite a while – my special collaboration for December with Glossybox! The Rose Gold Edit is a collection of products put together to get you through the party season.


In the video, I show you what’s in the box and the range of products you could receive this month. I hope you enjoy it! You can subscribe to receive the box for £10 HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions!

You can subscribe to receive Glossy X ReallyRee Rose Gold Edit HERE. It is worth it just for the box alone!! A commitment free subscribtion is £10 plus P&P and the value of the box is over £50.

I hope you love it!



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4 thoughts on “Glossybox X ReallyRee Rose Gold Edit #GlossyboxXReallyRee

  1. Really disappointed with my glossybox this month :/ nothing to do with you, I must say, it’s a really good edit! But they sent me the worst possible things for myself from the selection! I would have LOVED many of these things (Darphin cream, Kiko mascara, Monu spray, that pore filler etc.) I’ve been wanting to try that purity cleanser forever, so whoever gets that is really lucky! I got the collection nail polish in a shade I already have, not that glossybox know that, but they also sent me the only useless mask for me (the firming one – I’m only 21!) and the l’occitane oil, which might be great for some people but I have very oily skin and glossybox know this. Very very disappointed. They clearly don’t look at their customers’ beauty profiles. One more gripe – I got really excited about the essence “liquid lipstick” but it’s most definitely a gloss, not a lipstick! Although the colour is beautiful, had I known it was a gloss I would have left it sealed to give to a friend as I can’t stand the feeling of lipgloss on my lips and in addition to this I am allergic to every gloss I’ve ever worn! As soon as I put it on I realised my mistake. The texture is thick and gloopy, really sticky and just smears around instead of applying smoothly. It started burning my lips after a couple of minutes and I will probably wake up tomorrow with bumpy, peeling lips. ):

    But as I said, this is glossybox’ fault rather than your own. Had I received the first box you opened with the Kiko mascara and purity cleanser, it would probably have been my favourite box ever!

  2. Love my box this month! I’ve been trying to find the collection nail polish since seeing it on your IG, but haven’t had any luck. So imagine my surprise when I open my box to find one in it! Love the eye roller – due to chronic illnesses, I often look very fatigued, and this really made a difference to my under eyes. Felt refreshed, too. The lipstick is too glossy for my personal taste, but after blotting with tissue paper, it’s great. Not a colour I’d have bought myself as I am paranoid about bright colours on me, but I actually love the shade. Looking forward to try my face mask, too. Overall, very happy.

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