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Glo Minerals MakeUp Brushes Review

27 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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We’ve covered a lot of gorgeous Glo Minerals products at Really Ree before but so far we’ve never reviewed Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes. Having just tried some for myself for the first time I can’t imagine why that is, because like the makeup, these brushes are fantastic.

Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes
Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes

Although Glo Minerals produce a fairly extensive range of brushes I have three here to show you today: the foundation brush, the highlight and contour brush and the Kabuki brush.

Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes – Foundation Brush

Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes - Foundation Brush

The first of the brushes I tested was the Glo Minerals Luxe Foundation Brush. Unlike in the past when I used small, pointed brushes, these days I really like to use a flat headed brush to apply my foundation. I also like a brush that is fairly firm to help to work the product as evenly as possible into my face.

Thankfully, this brush is perfect on both of those fronts. Whilst it’s very slightly softer and less dense than my trusty and all time favourite Real Techniques Buffing Brush, it’s wider than the buffing brush and that helps to get a really even, airbrush like finish to my foundation.

It’s also soft and comfortable to use. Many foundation brushes irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes, but this one doesn’t. This brush is now a firm favourite in my collection.

Find the Glo Minerals Luxe Foundation Brush here

Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes – Contour & Highlight Brush


The second brush that I tried is the Glo-Minerals Contour & Highlight brush. Despite Ree’s obsession with highlighter I tend to go for a very natural makeup look, so am somewhat of a newcomer to contour and highlight.

Nonetheless this brush has really helped me to get to grips with the whole process. The rounded contour end of the brush is perfect for applying contour into the hollow under the cheekbone and seamlessly blending it out to achieve a really natural effect. Meanwhile,  the flatter brush at the other end is the perfect size and shape to add highlight to the cheekbone itself.

Like the other Glo Minerals brushes this brush has a really ergonomic handle that fits perfectly into the hand. I was slightly concerned that a dual ended brush would be uncomfortable or difficult to use, but that wasn’t the case. It is long enough that there is no danger of product from one end interfering with the other, but not so long as to be unbalanced. Like the other brushes I tried, it is also made from high quality, natural hair which means that it’s comfortable and soft to use.

Find the Contour & Highlight Brush here

Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes – Kabuki Brush


The third and final brush I tested was the Glo Minerals Kabuki brush. Although still a good quality brush, this was my least favourite of the three. I own a number of Kabuki brushes, my favourite being one from a brand called Issada in Australia and compared to some of the other Kabuki brushes I own, this one wasn’t quite as soft.

I regularly wear powder foundation which I use a Kabuki brush to apply and whilst I found the finish that this brush gave was just as good as with the Issada brush it wasn’t quite as comfortable to use. I should point out that I do have sensitive skin, so if your skin is not particularly sensitive then comfort might not be such an issue.

Find the Glo Minerals Kabuki brush here.


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