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glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box Review

18 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box
glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box

glō-minerals launched in 2002, and right from the beginning the new brand was obsessed with mineral based materials. Mineral based products have played a huge role throughout makeup history, even used by Ancient Egyptians who used makeup to protect themselves from the sun and to fix injuries.

In the last decade science has propelled mineral makeup into the modern day, yet glō-minerals have tried to maintain the integrity of the past. They focus on protecting the skin above all else, using only pure and pharmaceutical grade minerals, mixed with anti-oxidants.

glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box
glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box Pencils

The Jeweled Eye Pencils have been available for some time, but they come in a range of colours, offering everything from rich matte brows to pretty purples and glistening golds. They are packaged in a simple black pencil, which is finished with silver writing and a clear lid. The pencils are created using a blend of pure pharmaceutical grade minerals and antioxidants including; vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract.

The brand new limited edition Jeweled Eye Crayon Box, offers you the chance to get four shades of the jeweled eye pencils in a pretty box. In my box the four shades are a mixture of warm and cool tones including; antique, bark, baroque and sterling silver. All of the pencils are full size and the box includes a pencil sharpener.

glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box
glō-minerals Jeweled Eye Crayon Box Swatches

Swatched here (left to right) are sterling silver, bark, antique, baroque and an extra shade called merlot.

The formulation of the Jeweled Eye Pencils is really interesting, they are very creamy and they glide on to the skin. The formula is incredibly pigmented and you can quickly build the colour from a sheer wash to a rich finish. Weirdly, unlike some other pencils I’ve tried, blending these can be a bit tricky. I’ve found that if you apply them straight to the lid and blend them, they almost disappear right before your eyes. So what I tend to do is apply the colour straight to the lid and leave them to set for a while, then I take a blending brush and blend out the edges. My favourite shades are merlot (because I can never resist a purple hue) and antique.

The Jeweled Eye Pencils retail for £12.95 each, (sometimes cheaper HERE) or you can get the Jeweled Crayon Box for £42 HERE

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