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The New Soigné Nail Care Range – Give Your Nails Some TLC

29 Mar 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Soigné is a nail brand who prides themselves on “rewriting the rules of ECO nail polish”. Their aim is to be safer than other nail brands, whilst still offering luxurious products. Soigné nail polish formulas are designed to be made of up to 85% natural ingredients, which are plant-sourced. Instead of using chemicals they extract their ingredients from things like wheat, potato or wood pulp.

Soigné pride themselves on creating a luxurious ‘experience’ – meaning that from the minute the product arrives, to the minute you take it off your nails – it feels indulgent. I have to admit that the new nail care range from Soigné feels exactly that – indulgent and special. It arrives in the prettiest white boxes, finished with delicate black writing. The bottles are glass and are finished with simple white labels with rose gold detailing.

The only bad thing I have to say, is that there is no English description on the bottle, which means you have to memorise the French to remember which product is which! Nevertheless, the packaging is simply Instagram heaven – so they are certainly doing something right!

The new nail care range has been designed to fix everything, from dry and flaky nails, to dehydrated cuticles. Just like all the colour based products, these new products use the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients to revitalise nails, leaving them strong and healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the products from the collection…

Soigné L’huile Miracle (Miracle Oil)

Soigné L’huile Miracle is a miracle oil, which has been formulated without parabens. Instead, it uses a combination of highly concentrated mineral oil, Cherry Plum Oil and hardening Hexanal. It’s a formulation which has been created to nourish, hydrate, and recondition both your nails and your cuticles. Together the blend of ingredients will moisturise nails and cuticles, plus leave the nail plate hardened and smooth.

Vernis de Protection Mat (Matte Top Coat)

If you’re looking to embrace matte nails this spring, this is the product for you! This polish top coat transforms your glossy, shiny manicure into a velvet matte finish. Literally apply a thin layer over any nail colour and it will transform it into a striking matte finish!

Soigné Vitamine Booster (base coat)

Soigné Vitamine Booster (base coat)
Soigné Vitamine Booster (base coat)

The Vitamine Booster is designed to be used as a base coat, or used on it’s own to give the nails a natural, shiny finish. The product is absolutely packed with lovely, nourishing ingredients, which include: Rose stem cells, Vitamin A, E, B5, Vitamin C and Argan Oil. Together they create a formula which prevents premature ageing of the nail’s keratin, whilst encouraging the nails to grow strong and healthy. This product is great if you haven’t had time to paint your nails, but you want to give them a new lease of life. I can literally spread this on my nails and run out the door.

Soigné Séchage Rapide (Rapid Dry )

Soigné Séchage Rapide (Rapid Dry)
Soigné Séchage Rapide (Rapid Dry Spray)

Last but not least, I think we have my favourite from the whole collection!  Séchage Rapide is a Rapid Dry Spray, which has been created to finish your nails in a flash. The clever and easy-to-use spray is specially formulated to penetrate into your polish, reaching everywhere from your base coat to the top coat. As it penetrates it thoroughly dries each layer, leaving it dry, solid and smooth. You simply hold the bottle 5cms from the nail and spritz onto your freshly painted nails, set the manicure set for two minutes and you’re good to go! What I love about this is that it’s so tiny, other drying sprays I’ve used in the past are not travel friendly, but this is lovely!
These four new products are available right now, priced at £15 each, you can grab them from The most exciting news is that there are another four products on the way, which are due to be released in April 2017.


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