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By Ree

Get Your Skin Ready for Autumn – by Parie

11 Sep 2015

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Get Your Skin Ready for Autumn by Parie

As the weather takes a turn and your wardrobe gets mixed up, it is now time to give your skin a shake up. From tip to toe.

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Swap out your light moisturiser for a heavier one

In the summertime a moisturiser that doesn’t feel greasy and is virtually invisible is great as you want your skin to be able to breathe. It isn’t, however, the best option in Autumn. As the temperature drops, your skin needs to stay hydrated so that it doesn’t become dry, flaky and irritated. Apply a creamy moisturiser at morning and night, focusing on the areas that tend to get drier quicker – nose and lips. Wait a minute or two after applying, to avoid your makeup coming straight off.

Don’t forget your body

Switch your daily body scrub to one that is oilier. This is because oil based products tend to have a lot more exfoliating power whilst keeping your skin hydrated and silky soft. Following that up with a body moisturiser that actually works well for dry skin, not just because it smells nice (we are all guilty!). Focusing on the knees, elbows and hands, as these areas get dry quickly.

Then There’s Your Feet

You may have put your feet away now because socks are your new best friend, but that doesn’t mean your feet shouldn’t get some love. Once a week take some time out and have a full pedicure. This includes scrubbing them to remove dead skin and painting your toes so that they look a little less dead. If a full routine doesn’t appeal to you, then skip it and just apply foot cream daily.

Remember SPF

I always thought SPF was just for the time you spend in the sun, but in fact SPF is meant to be worn all year around even when the sun isn’t out. It takes up a little more time in the morning but you are protecting your skin from environmental assault. If you are little lazy like me then find a product with SPF inside.

Adjusting your skincare and preparing for the Autumn now will make it a lot easier when the really cold months hit.

Parie x

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