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Frank Body Pop-Up London Review

9 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I was recently invited to go to Harvey Nichols in London, or more specifically the Frank body pop-up London at the Daniel Hersheson salon up on the fourth floor.

Frank Body Pop-Up London Review
Frank Body Pop-Up London

Frank Body Details

Frank Body is an Australian based skincare range and company.  Their home products supposedly leave you feeling as soft as a new born baby and all of their products and scrubs are vegan friendly, with all ingredients naturally sourced. The pop up shop has been established so that it can show clients the optimum way to use these products, so that you can carry on using them at home.

Frank Body work on the concept that coffee wakes you up from the inside so it would make sense that a coffee scrub would wake your skin up on the outside too. I was intrigued by this and couldn’t wait to see if the scrub really made your skin as glowing and as soft as it’s rumoured to. And also if it really was a ‘dirty’ experience.

On the day I realised that it was my first time in Harvey Nichols and when I got there it was everything I thought it would be and more. But what would the treatment be like?

Frank Body Pop-Up London – Choosing The Products

Frank Body Pop-Up London Review
Frank Body Pop-Up London Review

When I arrived at the Daniel Hersheson salon I given a little briefing to help choose the products that we would be using.  The scrub that was going to be used was just for the body and there were two different types of scrub I could choose from. The original for dry skin made with Robusta coffee beans, brown sugar, sea salt, almond and vitamin E.

The second type of scrub was for the more sensitive skin with the coffee base but this time a coconut oil combination.

I then went on to choose the moisturiser that would follow the scrub and the choice was between the body balm with the rich coffee Arabia seed oil that targets stretch marks and cellulite. It also contains coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and bees wax all full of Vitamin A, E and D and designed to target, restore and sooth sun damaged or inflamed skin.

The second choice of moisturiser was the thick heavenly body cream with a combination of Pomegranate, high in vitamin C and green tea extract again known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Frank Body Pop-Up London Review
Frank Body Pop-Up London Review

Frank Body Pop-Up London – The Treatment

I have quite sensitive skin so I went for the sensitive mix of the coconut coffee scrub and the body balm. I then went to have a quick shower to dampen the skin. I was then covered in the coffee scrub which was quite dense, looked exactly like coffee and didn’t look obviously mixed with anything.  It was definitely scrub like, it gets everywhere but the salon was well prepared and you had to be quite firm when applying it in circular motions. The best thing about the scrub was that it smelt good enough to eat with an intense scent of Jaffa cakes. So yummy!

I popped into the shower again to get rid of the product and then the body oil was massaged into the skin. The whole process took around 30-40 minutes, so you really could pop in to have the treatment in your lunch hour.

Frank Body Pop-Up London – The Results

I really was left with baby soft feeling skin, a lasting effect that I can still feel even now, a week on.

Frank Body Pop-Up London Review
Frank Body Pop-Up London – Scrub On The Skin

Better than that, the scrub is said to benefit psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, skin infections, cellulite, stretch marks and it can even help with scarring. Great benefits for this kind of product and this type of scrub means that you can concentrate on specific areas that need it more too.

Apart from the baby soft skin I’ve also definitely noticed a difference with the few stretch marks that I have. They’ve lightened considerably but I’m sure this is a treatment that you would have to do quite a few times before seeing the full effect. I feel that the Frank body coffee scrub is a fab treatment to have both at the salon and at home and maybe something I would do before a special event or a holiday.

I especially loved the experience at the Daniel Hersheson salon as it’s really modern and professional and the people are so lovely. To have the treatment in the Daniel Hersheson salon is £40 but the products themselves are between £11.95 and £19.95. You can find a really great selection of products with two added scrubs, the Cacao coffee scrub and the peppermint coffee scrub here. There are also separate facial products too. Find them all here

The pop up salon room in Daniel Hersheson salon is for a limited time, just for the month of August so if you’re close by or in London at any point pop in. You won’t be disappointed! 


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