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Fountain Beauty Molecule Resveratrol Food Supplement

22 Jul 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have been so excited to tell you this BIG ANTI-AGEING NEWS ever since my Boots Latest Finds trip to New Orleans. On the way, I was fortunate enough to stop off in Canada and have lunch with Brandon Truaxe, Founder and CEO of Deciem and he told me all about his new innovation, Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement.

Fountain Beauty Molecule Resveratrol Food Supplement

I think this is life changing!!!! Harvard studies (and repeated ones) have shown that Resveratrol found in red wine and dubbed a “miracle compound” is basically THE answer to anti-ageing! There’s no press release yet but this is my interpretation of what I heard from the horse’s (sorry Brandon) mouth!!
Deciem have created the Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement of which you take just 1 teaspoon a day and  it delivers a mega dose of bio-available, cell protecting and rejuvenating Resveratrol. It is flavoured with yummy Pomegranate (which has proven anti-ageing benefits itself) and contains HYALURONIC Acid which we all know is out skin’s friend!
When I say bio-available, I mean that it is formulated to be quickly absorbed by the body in a water soluble composition unlike tablet or capsule format which the body doesn’t break down well and the majority of benefits are lost.
The key is in the Deciem discovery and exclusive inclusion of Water Matrix which is a catalyst that makes Resveratrol soluble in water.

Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement

Fountain Beauty Molecule is Resveratrol (R) plus Water Matrix (WM) which makes it seriously active and seriously effective. I have chatted to people who have been trialling it and they are seeing some serious results!
I will have my own test results to share with you soon hopefully!! Having spoken to Brandon (complete genius and beauty obsessive), I feel so positive about the product and genuinely believe it could be the answer to stopping ageing in its tracks!! How very very exciting!!!
Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement will cost £24.99 for 240ml and will be launching on Boots Latest Finds 7th August 2013. This is another one we owe to Nicola Kilner, Boots’ Super Buyer!!!
To check out Deciem, click this link –
Stay tuned for more news!!
(Totally excited!).

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