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Fearne Cotton Talks Makeup…To Me!!!

21 Jan 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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So guess what?! I had a lovely chat with the super gorgeous and thoroughly delightful Fearne Cotton!! Yayyyy!

Fearne Cotton and Me!
It was just so nice. I was having a bit of a hectic half hour. You know, home from work in central London for the school run. Throw some chicken dippers on a plate, bit of Greek Myths homework (and a bit of a row about it) and then head off back to central London to the Soho Hotel to meet Fearne at the launch of her new makeup range for Boots.
A train delay left me legging it down Oxford Street, creating quite a disturbance in my new cloggy boots (blog post to follow) and a rather unglamorous arrival at the venue.
I met Fearne straight away and she looked completely amazing. Super glowy and gorgeous. We went off for a little sit-down and chat, and she soon had me feeling a lot  better.
And what a lovely girl she is! In addition to the fact that she politely pretended not to notice that I was both panting and perspiring at once, she was really very charming, entertaining and incredibly easy to be around.
Fearne is really proud of her makeup range for Boots and you know what? I would be too because it really is gorgeous stuff that would rival more expensive brands. More about that later.

Fearne Cotton with her Boots Makeup Range – ‘Fearne’
Fearne is beautiful. Even more attractive than she appears on TV. If she wasn’t famous and she walked into a room, she would still make a serious impression. And she’s completely flawless. Something she put down to ‘lots of makeup’, displaying typical British self deprecation!

But she didn’t look like she was wearing tonnes of makeup. She was sporting a glamorous yet very natural look using some of her favourites from her ‘Fearne’ at Boots range.

Some ‘Fearne’ Goodies

Her skin looked very fresh and dewy and her eyes were doing all the work. She had on a goldy taupey loose powder eyeshadow and a gorgeous eyeliner that was a goldy, greeny brown. She grabbed the liner to show me, and enthusiastically drew it on her hand to show how pretty and easy the products were to use.

Fearne Cotton Makeup

And the liners really are lovely. Super versatile – you can use them to draw a precise and defined line, or blend them out for a smoky look. The texture is gorgeous; very smooth and really gentle on the skin. You can draw them all over the lid and blend because they set nicely and have great staying power.

Fearne Eye Pencil – Bronze, £5

The loose powder shadows can be used wet for extra intensity and dry for a more sheer colour. Fearne’s Makeup Artist, Justine Jenkins, (who was completely adorable by the way) told me that you can apply it wet first and then add a dry dusting once it has set. That way you can create great depth of colour with beautiful glimmer on top.

Fearne Eye Shimmer Gold, £5

Fearne told me that this project has represented a huge learning curve for her. However, it has been an incredibly rewarding challenge.

Having launched a range of gift sets for Christmas, she was overwhelmed by the positive response she received from those who were opening their ‘Fearne’ pressies on Christmas day and sent tweets and facebook messages saying how pleased they were. Fearne was clearly very touched by this.

Fearne Hat Box Christmas Gift Set

She is genuinely so happy to be working with a brand like Boots because she’s confident that they really know their stuff. She loves the formulations and takes great comfort in the fact Boots embrace an ethical approach to product development with absolutely no animal testing.

With Fearne coming up to the big 3-0, we talked about our changing faces and makeup style. She has adopted a much more sophisticated make up look. She spoke about how she is learning to love her face but still suffers from the odd insecurity. She worries about dark circles and lines, but I was looking closely and I really couldn’t see any evidence of those!

Which brought us to the subject of body and face dysmorphia which we agreed many of us suffer mild elements of. Quite incredibly, Fearne has a major hang up about her ‘alien forehead’ as she phrased it!! I was in fits, but honestly she hates her forehead and said she would rather sit there naked than expose her forehead with a ponytail! Entirely crazy because she’s completely stunning, but clearly very real to her. We’re a funny bunch us girls!!

I had such a lovely, relaxed chat with Fearne for about half an hour. She made me feel like she had all the time in the world for me. Of course she didn’t, she had somewhere she needed to be, but she never let on!

I finally stopped chatting at her and she posed for a few piccies especially for you, dear readers, then gave me a kiss and cuddle good bye and off she went! Yay!! I loved her!

And of course Fearne would have a super lovely makeup artist.

Justine Jenkins, Makeup Artist

Justine Jenkins was so much fun to talk to. Not only is she Fearne Cotton’s right hand makeup woman, but she looks after Holly Willoughby and Abbey Clancy too. She’s an absolutely gorgeous girl who talked so enthusiastically to me about the Fearne Cotton range and showed me tonnes of tips and tricks.

Justine Jenkins, Me and some Fearne Goodies

She loves the range and said that a lot of the products were as good as any more expensive brands she had tried. What a fabulous recommendation!

Fearne Eye Pencil and Lipgloss Swatches

She says you can’t beat Fearne’s red lipgloss. I totally loved Justine too and we had a brilliant babble about makeup, the universe and everything! Yay again!

Follow Fearne on Twitter here and Justine (or JJ) on Twitter here.

The full Fearne Cotton range is available exclusively at Boots stores nationwide and online at www.boots.com from 9th March 2011.

You must check it out. It’s gorgeous stuff at a great price too!

Have you tried any of Fearne’s makeup yet?

Can’t wait to hear from you


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9 thoughts on “Fearne Cotton Talks Makeup…To Me!!!

  1. Great post! I have the All About The Eyes set and love it all. I’m not sure when I will wear the emerald green eye liner but I will! The shimmery loose eyeshadows are wonderful but I hadn’t thought of using them wet… guess what I’ll be doing when I finally get out of bed this morning?!

  2. I love Fearne Cotton. She is so amazing and gorgeous. She’s one of my role models!
    So cool that you got to meet her. I can’t wait to try out her make up.

  3. I love Fearne and I didn’t even know she had her own make-up range so I will keep an eye out for it. I love the sparkly eye shadow she is wearing. I am now inspired and must go and put some slap on. Lovely blog. You have a new follower. xx

  4. Wow firstly she looks flawless! Make up or not she looks fantastic! This is a great post and a wonderful interview. I was looking her make up over Christmas and will definitely be trying it when I need an update. x

  5. All three of my daughters received the make-up box you pictured for Xmas. My Mother in Law bought them when they were offer of the week, £19 instead of £40 abd they love the stuff. How wonderful to meet Fearne, my middle daughter is obsessed by her and will be so jealous when I tell her!

  6. Ah…. really enjoyed this post Ree! Fearne sounds absolutely lovely – it’s so great when someone in the public eye turns out to be as normal as the rest of us and lovely with it to boot! Have to say I love the look of the liner and the gold loose powder shadow – the gold is gorgeous. So glad you had fun – it sounded absolutely brilliant! xxx

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