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Eylure Lashes Rebrand

6 Mar 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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This is brilliant news for lash lovers! Heritage eyelash brand, Eylure, have just completed a thorough rebrand with gorgeous new packaging, some brand new lash designs and new categories that will make it even easier to find your perfect lash look.
Eylure Lashes Rebrand
There’s a lash for everyone amongst the 8 categories – Naturals, Lengthening, Texture, Dramatic, Volume, Definition, Exaggerate and Pro-Lash. The band on each one has been treated to ensure it keeps its shape.
And each one is now even easier to see how it would look with real photographs on the back of the packaging to realistically demonstrate the lash style:
Eylure Lashes Rebrand
And Eylure really know lashes – they have been doing them for 65 years! Check out some of these vintage products.
Vintage Eylure
I am absolutely loving the brand new Eylure Naturals Starter Kit which comes with a practise lash (genius!) a nifty applicator and an extra glue tube. I love the idea of the practise lash because I know that we can often give up on lashes when it doesn’t go right the first time.
Eylure Naturals Lash Starter Kit

I had a chat with Lotten Holmqvist, makeup artist, Eylure ambassador and lash addict and she said that we shouldn’t give up if it isn’t perfect straight away. Practise is the key! Her are her tips:

  • Look in the mirror
  • Tilt the head up
  • Leave eyes slightly open
  • Get the middle section to stick on the centre of the lash line
  • Gently push the corners in
I tried this technique and got it right (second time!!) using the applicator. I was actually rather impressed with myself!!
Eylure Naturals Lash Starter Kit
The new Eylure collection will begin rolling out into stores from May 2014. All Eylure lashes are handmade, 100% natural and each style is reusable – prices start from £4.95. Stockists: Boots & ASOS and other leading retailers.

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