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Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection

24 Mar 2015 (Updated: 27 Mar 2015)

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Now this is something pretty different for Estee Lauder and it is totally grabbing my attention, particularly because the campaign is being headed up by gorgeous hot property Kendall Jenner. This is being dubbed as “pop-timistic” limited edition space inspired makeup collection, and really a very striking collaboration indeed. Check out the upcoming Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection.

Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection

I have seen any of these products in the flesh but it’s looking pretty gorgeous from where I’m standing.

So what’s the connection between fashioner designer Andre Courreges and Estee Lauder? “She, a beauty industry innovator whose “every woman can be beautiful” mantra was ahead of its time; he, a fashion force whose avant-garde aesthetic broke all the style rules by injecting an air of playfulness, movement, and freshness into every one of his haute couture collections.”

The Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection boasts” zero-gravity shades that draws on a shared point of view on colour, beauty and the resolution to never stop moving forward.”

There’s a whole lot more in the press release about why this collaboration makes sense but to me, it all about the makeup and I can’t wait to check it out. The ad campaign starring Kendall is stunning!

Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection contents

It is a 13-piece limited edition line:

  • Lip Visor  – rich balmy formula that imparts a luscious, wet effect. Available in See-Through and Coral Mini (£20)
  • Super Gloss – high coverage, high-impact with the perfect pop of high reflectivity pink.  Available in Rosy Future (£20)
  • Super Lashes – Sixties-era, iconic spider lashes get a 21st-century reboot (£16.50)
  • Eye Amplifier – ultra-luxe eyeshadow, weightless powder formula has been spiked with a special siliconic filming polymer that allows the product to attach itself seamlessly to the skin and last for hours without creasing. Available in Aqua Silver and Black Silver (£19)
  • Eye Glide Pencil – creamy silver pencil that glides onto eyes to shade, define and smolder. Available in Silver Streak (£16.50)
  • Iridescent Ball Highlighter – iridescent powder gelée. The innovative plastic orb applicator that houses a sensorial cream can be dotted onto cheeks for an allover polished glow or onto temples, cheekbones, and other high planes of the face for a concentrated highlight (£21.50)
  • Lip + Cheek Ball – revolutionary jelly-like gloss has high shine and a translucent berry. Available in Ultra Pink (£21.50)
  • Ultra White EyeLiner –  opaque liquid eyeliner that provides a vinyl finish with a dip-in fine brush applicator. Available in Lunar White (£23.50)
  • Illuminations Face Powder – silky-effect powder for dustiing over cheeks, forehead, and brow bones for a burst of pure light that is velvety-soft with an impeccable, long-lasting quality (£28.50)
  • Kabuki Brush –  soft, white bristles give a uniform finish to mattifying, highlighting and contouring efforts (£26)
  • Hair Mascara – uses a pop of colour to subtly highlight hair (£22)

Things I need to check out? The Iridescent ball highlighter, Illuminations Face Powder, and Lip Visor. They have got me really interested!

The Estee Lauder X Courreges Collection will be available at Selfridges from 6th April 2015.



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