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Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Review

5 Feb 2015 (Updated: 14 Feb 2015)

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I can’t believe I haven’t spotted this before! I love masks, I love BB creams, I desperately want baby skin! It feels a little bit like the Erborian Sleeping BB Mask was made for me!

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Review

So before I really even understood what this was offering, I loved it! It was a good prediction because I tried it last night and it didn’t disappoint! Here’s the lowdown.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Features

  • High concentrations of fatty acids to tone and soften the skin overnight
  • Active ingredients cocoon skin to provide deep hydration
  • Complex of longevity herbs for anti-ageing
  • Red berry to calm and balance tired skin
Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Review

This is all about revitalising tired skin and apparently it has been amazing for boosting the skin’s of poor young mummies who are sleep starved! This got me really interested because I am a terrible sleeper. I want to use it every night! Apparently, it’s best a couple of times a week as a boost, so I guess I’ll be holding back.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Review

All you need to do is cleanse, tone and then apply a thin layer of the Erborian Sleeping BB Mask all over your face. Then you sleep! Simple! Considering lots of Korean skincare involves complicated routines and multiple stages, this is eastern skincare made easy.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Review

It’s a beautiful cooling texture that forms a comfortable layer over the skin that effectively magnifies and locks in moisture until morning. It’s a wash off mask that you simply rinse away to reveal quenched, plumped skin that’s ready for the day.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Ingredients

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask Ingredients

It will be perfect for after a heavy night or if you want to look particularly perky the next day. What a lovely treat!

I must confess, after attending an event for Erborian yesterday, I am really excited and a bit peeved that I was so late to the party. The best news is that there is loads to come – 50 new products are in the pipeline and a stand alone store is launching in Paris in April 2015.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask is £34 and available at Selfridges.



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