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Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes Review

4 Sep 2015 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Well since I discovered the Erborian natural konjac sponge, I have gone a bit Erborian cleansing crazy! I have been using 2 products from the brand all week with absolutely lovely results. In this post I am talking about the Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes which is a super luxurious creamy oil based cleanser. I have been following this with the super delish Erborian Double Mousse. They are perfect partners!

Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes Review

Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes Key Ingredients

  • Tiger grass: anti-inflammatory, promotes healing
  • Rosemary: anti-stress and antioxidant
  • Wild chamomile: repairing action on dry, sensitive and irritated skin
  • Japanese knotweed: treats scratches and grazes, relieves pain
  • Licorice: reduces the production of melanin – responsible for pigmentation marks
  • Skullcap: promotes brightening of the skin and the reduction of dark spots
  • Green Tea : prevents UVB damage
Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes Review

This cleanser is really beautiful to use. You apply a small amount to a dry face, massage it over the skin and it starts to melt away makeup and impurities. The cream has an oily, waxy texture that really gets to work on dirt fast. When you add a bit of water, it turns into a luxurious milky texture that really caresses the skin. I then remove everything with my beloved Konjac sponge and am left with super soft, super clean skin.

Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes Review

I then follow with the Double Mousse because Erborian suggest an oil-based cleanse is followed with a water-based cleanser. I’ll have more info on that soon.

Erborian Cleansing Creme Aux Herbes is £30 for 30ml. Find it here.



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