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Elegant Touch Rio Inspired Nails

7 Aug 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Are you excited for this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janerio? I certainly am. I first really got in to the Olympics when it was held in London in 2012. Although I’m not a sporty person, the patriotic side of me got me watching the games and then I was hooked on all the varied events that take place. So I’ve been loving trying these Elegant Touch Rio Inspired Nails.

Rio Inspired Elegant Touch Nails
Elegant Touch Rio Inspired Nails

The Olympic Games in the exotic Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from 5-21 August will surely be one of the most colourful, thrilling and fun packed events we have ever seen. To celebrate and get you in to the carnival atmosphere of Rio, Elegant Touch have released two sets of limited edition press on nails. These vibrant, highly detailed nails are so much fun.

Elegant Touch Rio-  Pineapple Party

Rio Inspired Nails by Elegant Touch - Pineapple Party
Elegant Touch Rio Inspired Nails- Pineapple Party

Imagine these brightly coloured nails with a yellow or turquoise blue summer dress. You really wouldn’t need any other accessories when wearing these nails.

In each pack you get 24 nails in 10 sizes, a buffer, glue and instruction leaflet. The nails are so easy to apply and Elegant Touch have made wearing press on nails even easier when you use their Nail Guards. These are protective nail strips that you stick on top of your natural nail and before the press on nails. The strips protect your nail from any damage and also mean removal is quick and easy and without the need for a full on, takes ages, soak off.

Elegant Touch Rio Ready

Elegant Touch Rio Ready
Elegant Touch Rio Ready

These nails are very Rio Ready and you get two designs for the price of one – there’s the exotic palm leaf design and then a stripe design which you can either mix and match or as I’ve done just on one nail. 

Elegant Touch Rio Ready
Elegant Touch Rio Ready Mix

The shape of these nails is almond shaped and they’re not too long, although you can of course file them down to a shorter length or different shape if you want. This design would look great with anything denim or a green dress.

What I also love about these nails, apart from the designs, is that the nail itself is thin so they feel light on top of your own nail and you can still go about your usual activities.

With these two eye catching Rio inspired designs, you’ll surely win a gold medal for getting in to the spirit of the Olympic Games. Find them here and here

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