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Elegant Touch Love Me Nails

13 Feb 2015 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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How cute are these? If you fancy some super pretty heart nails (and hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s!) then you need to see the Elegant Touch Love Me Nails. Love them!!

Elegant Touch Love Me Nails

I like these stick on nails from Elegant Touch. I have used loads of different varieties and they always perform really well. I actually prefer using the adhesive tabs though, as I find they are much kinder to my nails than the glue, however, I do think that the glue gives an extra day or 2 so it’s swings and roundabouts.

Elegant Touch Love Me Nails

They are easy to use. You just line up the nails you want to use and then apply a thin layer of glue over the nail. You pop the nail on and press for 4-5 seconds. It really is the fastest way to get a flawless mani. As I said, you can opt for the adhesive tabs which also leaves less room for mistakes, and it’s definitely my preferred method of application.

Elegant Touch Love Me Nails

For nail art idiots like me, these are really perfect. If you get them into the cuticle (I have just laid them on for demo purposes in these pics because I don’t have any tabs at the moment), they actually look quite natural and that you really have a skill!

I always get compliments when I use these Elegant Touch nails and I love them when I am in a rush and my nails really need doing. You just whack them on and go!

Elegant Touch Love Me Nails

Elegant Touch Love Me Nails are such a pretty girly design. Obviously perfect for Valentine’s, but I’ll be wearing mine regardless as soon as I get some tabs.

You can find them at ASOS for £7.95 a pack. If you fancy them, snap them up as they are limited edition.



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