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Durance Prestige Candle in Jasmine Review

28 Jul 2014

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Ooh I haven’t tried a new candle in a while and this amazing Durance Prestige Candle is a delight!!

Durance Prestige Candle in Jasmine Review

It smells absolutely amazing and the special wooden wick (like nothing I have seen before!) makes the most comforting crackling sound like you’re sitting by an open fire. It really does make for a rather authentic and ambient experience! Gorgeous!

Durance is completely new to me but apparently it is a family run company based in Provence. They have fully organic lavender, poppy and olive fields and every step of the production process involves a human lovingly bringing the candles to life; even as far as inserting the wick and creating the packaging and labels.

Durance Prestige Candle – Handcrafted in Every Way!

Durance Prestige Candle in Jasmine Review

And talking of the packaging – it is really quite stunning. The label on the glass is a super chic pattern in soft pink and silver and it looks beautiful. The Durance Prestige Candles also come in a wonderful box tied with a ribbon – Durance call them their hat boxes!

Durance Prestige Candle in Jasmine Review

The scent of this Jasmine candle is just beautiful. I am a huge fan of Jasmine and this is a very delicate yet powerful take on it. It is soft but it fills the room without being too much. It has a fresh, very green feel with a soft twist of spice making it the perfect summer fragrance. I don’t always think of burning candles at this time of the year but I have grown addicted to this one.

Durance have a large range to choose from. There are 6 scents in the Durance Prestige Candle line up but also a huge range of more affordable candles plus soaps, body care, face care, perfume and much more.  Find  more information HERE.



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