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Dior Trianon Spring Look 2014

4 Feb 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I knew that Dior’s Spring 2014 makeup collection was going to be gorgeous and it genuinely hasn’t disappointed. I love it! I just wanted to show you a quick overview before I give you a close up look at the products, just to get you excited! 
Prepare yourself. Dior Trianon Spring Look 2014 is just beautiful!
Dior Trianon Spring Look 2014

I can’t really even cope with how gorgeous this is. I think that this Spring collection from Dior could potentially be the best one I have seen this season. The nail polish in Bouquet 457 is amazing. It’s not often that I paint my nails and decide that it’s a bottle I want to get to the bottom of. It is a shade that I could never get bored of.
And, of course, the star of the show is the most luxurious and delightful eyeshadow, eye liner and blush palette. Oh my goodness, I am just trying to gear myself up to use it because it really is too gorgeous to touch. I am going to make myself though!
Here’s the full run down of the Dior Spring 2014 Look:
Star Product, Trianon Palette – £59.00/€80.00
Dior Addict Lip Glow – £22.50/€33.00
Dior Addict Gloss – £22.00/€29.00
Rouge Dior – £26.00/€34.50
Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow Trianon Edition – £24.00/€32.00
Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte- £23.50/€31.00
5 Couleurs Palette Trianon Edition – £41.00/€56.00
Diorblush Trianon Edition- £30.50/€43.50
Dior Vernis Trianon Edition (Perle) – £18.50/€24.50
Dior Vernis – £18.00/€23.50
Glow Maximizer- £28.50/€41.50
Pore Minimizer – £28.50/€41.50
Dior Backstage Eye Prime- £21.00/€29.00
I am going to show you the nail polishes in Bouquet 457 and Perle 187, the Trianon Palette and Rouge Dior in Souveraine up close and personal, so stay tuned. I can’t wait to share them with you!!
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