DIOR Diorshow 2018 - On Stage Liners & All Day Brow Ink
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Dior Diorshow 2018 – On Stage Liners & All Day Brow Ink

3 Mar 2018 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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There is so much exciting new makeup on its way from Dior and it all looks amazing. The Dior Diorshow 2018 collection includes brand new On Stage Liners in 15 shades, new Pump & Volume mascara and All Day Brow Ink. Here’s a sneak peek at the new line up. Enjoy!

Dior Diorshow 2018
Dior Diorshow 2018

These amazing new liners were previewed at the Dior Autumn Winter 18 runway show last week and they are stunning. Sign up above for an exclusive launch notification.

Dior Diorshow 2018 Collection

Dior On Stage Liner

The main focus of the Dior Diorshow 2018 collection are the On Stage Liners which are all about elegant colour play.

Dior Diorshow 2018 On Stage Liner
Dior Diorshow 2018 On Stage Liner
  • Ultra-flexible hybrid applicator
  • Part felt-tip, part brush
  • Ultra-wear pigments
  • Long-wear formula holds 24 hour hold
  • Transfer proof
  • 15 shades including ultra-shine vinyl black
  • Range of matte and shimmering shades
Dior Diorshow 2018 On Stage Liner
Dior Diorshow 2018 On Stage Liner

There are eight star On Stage Liner Shades picked out by the brand’s Artistic Director, Peter Philips.  They are Vinyl Black 096, Matte White 001, Matte Pink 851, Matte Pop Green 461, Pearly Turquoise 351, Matte Red 861, Matte Pop Blue 261, and Matte Yellow 541. I cannot wait to swatch them – stay tuned for a post on them soon.

Dior Diorshow 2018 Pump N Volume

I love this mascara, in fact it was one of my empties last year which doesn’t happen that much as I test so many products. The new collection includes 4 new limited edition neon shades in Purple Pump 160, Blue Pump 260, Coral Pump 640, and Pink Pump 840.

Dior Diorshow 2018 - Pump N Volume
Dior Diorshow 2018 – Pump N Volume

There is also a new waterproof version.

Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink

This is a brand new tattoo-effect eyebrow ink that has been formulated to dye the skin beneath the brows.

Dior Diorshow 2018 All Day Brow Ink
Dior Diorshow 2018 All Day Brow Ink
  • Formula is rich in high-intensity pigments
  • Imperceptibly colour the skin in a single sweep
  • Bevelled applicator lets you precisely define brows
  • Easy to fill in bare spots
  • Ink formula is rich in waterproof polymers
  • 36-hour wear
  • Fade proof and smudge proof
  • Wipes off easily with makeup remover
  • Available in three shades; light, medium and dark

The Dior Diorshow 2018 collection is available HERE now. launches April 2018.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products.

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