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Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish – Does It Really Whiten?

12 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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I am sceptical when it comes to oral products claiming they can whiten your teeth. Quite often over the years, I’ve found that these claims are not fulfilled. So when I saw the Diamond Whites whitening tooth polish, my inner sceptic was desperate to try and prove my initial thoughts wrong.

If you haven’t seen the Diamond Whites infamous black charcoal whitening teeth range on Instagram, are you even a human? Do you live under a rock? The Diamond Whites range has been rampaging Instagram the last few months; with celebrities like Bianca Gascoigne and the like, all posing with their products smiling ear to ear – the range has a lot to live up to. This made me even more determined to put the product to the test. I want to establish are their products genuinely good, or are these celebrities posing with them as a publicity enhancer? Interesting…

Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish Packaging
Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish Packaging

Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish First impressions

Although probably best used over longer periods, I did notice a very slight improvement of colour on my teeth. I have been using the polish for little over one week, twice a day, the improvement in whiteness is minimal.

It’s relatively easy to use the polish; you just dip your brush in the powder and clean your teeth as you would with toothpaste. However, between the lid and the powder is a white pull up lid – to avoid the powder flying everywhere when you open the top lid. This in between lid gave me real trouble to open, every time I wanted to use the product I had to use my two front teeth to yank the lid off. Not the most convenient manoeuvre in the world. The most delightful element of the polish is the taste. It’s like a refreshing mouth full of lemon minty chewing gums (my inner child was rather tempted to eat it like sherbet).

Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish
Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish – The Powder

Admittedly, your teeth feel polished after use, shiny and polished. But rather disappointingly not much whiter.

Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish -Overall thoughts

Would I buy this product? Probably yes. But not just for its minimally whitening effect, I really enjoyed the freshness of my mouth after use. Much like coconut oil, the polish leaves your mouth and teeth fully refreshed.

You can find Diamond Whites White Edition Whitening Toothpaste here


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One thought on “Diamond Whites Whitening Tooth Polish – Does It Really Whiten?

  1. I saw on a British doctor TV show they tested loads of whitening products on the market and because of EU laws we cant have the stuff that actually works it, it has to be bought from a dentist. So unless your buying in the USA I wouldn’t bother after watching that show. Its just not strong enough

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