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Diamond Whites Teeth Whitening Event

18 Sep 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Diamond Whites are a professional teeth whitening company that offer non-invasive, safe, teeth whitening services and products. Luckily for me I was able to attend their most recent press event in London where they were giving us all an express 30 minute LED Diamond Whites teeth whitening treatment.

When I arrived at the event, everyone was sitting down wearing dark red goggles with small machines lined up to their teeth. Each machine had a really bright light illuminating their mouths. I felt as if I’d somehow travelled in time a little; it was all very futuristic!


I was very excited for my turn!  I was given a stick that had a blue sponge attached to the end of it and I had to run this over my teeth as if I was  brushing them with a toothbrush at home. I was then given a see through plastic mouth guard that had a white gel in the middle and was instructed to pop the shield in my mouth and bite into the gel. It’s all very straight forward and surprisingly comfortable.

I’ve done home teeth whitening kits in the past where the mouth guard has been quite uncomfortable so this was a pleasant surprise. The lady then lined the LED light machine up with my teeth and I had to sit up straight and very still to ensure the lights stay in line with your teeth. I sat there for half an hour flicking through my phone whilst having my treatment. I was really surprised that throughout the entire treatment I had no sensitivity or pain of any sort.

Once the timer went off on my machine I was given a cup of water, told to take the mouth guard out, and rinse my mouth out in the bathroom. As I smiled into the mirror I was really surprised by how white my teeth looked and so was the woman next to me!

The Diamond Whites crew referred to their colour charts to show me how many shades whiter my teeth had become. They had jumped up the scale an incredible amount! I felt really happy and a lot more confident with my new, whiter teeth.

Unfortunately for me, it didn’t last very long. A few hours later without any eating or drinking in between, my teeth weren’t noticeably whiter anymore. I’m aware that with the treatment only being a 30 minute express that had a part to play in why my teeth had dulled down. I’d definitely try Diamond Whites again, however I’d love a longer treatment time which I’d also recommend to anyone interested. The express treatment is ideal if you want to look your best for a special occasion. 

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