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COLAB Luxe Shine Mist Review

25 Nov 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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If you know anything about “team internet” you would definitely have heard of A Model Recommends. Ruth Crilly is a model/blogger/youtube star and mummy; she is also the creator of the COLAB dry shampoo range and the new Colab Luxe Shine.

Colab Luxe Shine
Colab Luxe Shine

IMG_1423 In time for the festive party season, Ruth and COLAB have bought out a finishing spray to ensure your hair looks and smells divine throughout the holidays. Luxe shine promise to “guarantee beautiful shiny locks to ensure the spotlight is on you at all times”, we’ll come to that later.

Colab Luxe Shine
Colab Luxe Shine

The spray features cashmere, oud and bergamot to provide a sensual fragrance experience for your hair. I was told years ago that it is best to spray your perfume on your hair before you go out as the scent lasts longer, so I am used to having nice smelling hair. It can be sprayed onto clean, or “next day” dry hair to keep it feeling fresh. This feather-light mist has been infused with precious oils, silk extract and shimmering diamond dust(ooh!) to keep your hair looking its shimmering best.

I have fine hair which can easily get bogged down with product so I was keen to find a good finishing spray. Others I have tried before have left me feeling like I’ve dipped my hair in chip fat, which is not a good feel or look, especially when out for the night. I’ve always then had to get up early the next morning and wash my hair.

Colab Luxe Shine
Colab Luxe Shine

The spray arrived just in time for me to try it out at my husband’s annual golfers dinner. The wives are very glamorous so I need to look my best around them. I have highlighted hair with “stretched roots” so I applied it just to the ends, being conscious of weighing my roots down. My hair looked so golden! The smell was incredible and the shine was brilliant, not glittery like a 90’s mist, but enhanced. My sister has dark brown hair so I sprayed it onto the ends of her ponytail to see how it would look and it looked just as good on dark hair.

Colab Luxe Shine
Colab Luxe Shine Nozzle

I woke up the next day and could smell the scent faintly on my pillow so the fragrance does not disappear after a few hours like some scented products can. I also didn’t have to wash my hair again. This was a big bonus after a very late night and an early morning taking my son to swimming practice. It is now the evening and my hair still has a lovely sheen to it.

If you’re looking for something that will enhance your hair on nights out, without a hefty salon price tag then you should definitely check this out. There is no obvious “sparkle” to the hair which I was nervous about, it just brings out the best in your style.

Find Colab Luxe Shine to order online here

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