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Chats with Christina Hendricks #ShiftAShade

27 Mar 2015 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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So recently I shifted a shade with Nice n Easy, and so did Christina Hendricks. I went more red, and Christina went less red!  And then I went to New York, literally my favourite place in the whole wide world, to interview her. It has honestly been  a ‘pinch myself’ experience.


I’m not a journalist. I can’t interview people and I genuinely haven’t the foggiest idea about what a good interview is. But what I can do is chat! And after literally running over to her in a bundle of nerves and excitement and managing to resist the urge to squeeze her, we had the loveliest chat ever. It was about lots of things which I shall attempt to relay to you now in the best way I can. As a little heads up, we talked about cheap shoes, accents, Towie, Amy Childs, your mum calling whilst you’re colouring your hair, beauty habits, faking ‘the wind on the moors look’ and a whole heap of other things. Get ready for chats with Christina Hendricks!


So it started like this…

“I feel like my cheapest shoes are my most comfortable….”

That was said by Christina after I complimented her on her Jimmy Choos and she complimented me back on my New Looks!! Ha! I admitted straight away that they were cheap and we were off chatting! I probably didn’t need to admit that my boots were twenty quid because there’s cheap and then there’s cheap cheap…but hey ho!!

“Are you from Essex?”

So basically as I am waffling on about my cheap cheap shoes, Christina asks me, “Are you from Essex?!” Oh my goodness, love it! And you know what I just think was so amazing about her? The fact that she was interested in me! She is a total sweetheart. I’m not from Essex incidentally, but my East London accent can often lilt that way. I totally reminded her of Towie. Oh lord!

“Such a guilty pleasure is TOWIE”

So I wasn’t expecting Christina Hendricks to say that. But yes she’s a Towie fan, or at least she used to be. “I don’t really like it anymore. I’m over it now really. There’s too many new people. Now when I watch it I only recognise Lydia and Arg and that’s it.”

Oh my god, she really does watch it!

“OK so this is how into it I am…

I was really  into Amy Childs. I just love her. And my best friend Lauren, she’s out there, (points out of the room), she’s my stylist…she got Amy Childs to make me a video for Christmas. I was like OH MY GOD!!! I was so excited! I always thought she seemed so charming.

Enough of Towie, what about your skin?

So I think we all agree that Christina is utterly flawless. And she really is. I was sitting very close to her (probably too close) and I just couldn’t get over how beautifully clear and radiant her skin was. Unreal.


I always put sunblock on, but in the summer, still somehow, I get freckles.” I asked her about tanning and she said she tried as a child. “I saw a picture of us – my brother and all our cousins, with our grandparents when I was little and I was like, look at that! I HAVE A TAN in that picture!! It was like the one and only picture ever, I don’t know how I got it. Now I don’t bother, and I also like the look of fair skin.

You are a beautiful kind of pale, and not pale blue with a grey tinge

I started waffling on about how it’s nice being pale when you are a beautiful kind of pale, and not pale blue with a grey tinge like my skin. Christina joked that it must be so hard for me to choose foundation! “How do you match that?” We cackled!! I told her I use fake tan on my body and she said she’s never tried it. “I’ll try it some time. I’ll go to Essex and get one. I’ll try orange!”.

How do you protect your skin in the sun?

I put sunblock on every single day – on my face and my chest, usually 35-50. In LA you are just in it all day long. I try to put it on my arms when I drive but I don’t always remember. But I am pretty pretty good about always having it on my face and chest.

“I wake up, I wash my face…

So I obviously wanted to know about her beauty routine.

I wake up, I wash my face with just water and I usually use a serum. I’ve been using something called TNS serum (wrote that straight down!) which I have to say feels good. It’s a collagen enhancing kind of thing. I usually put on a lighter moisturiser during the day. And I put on makeup.

And at the end of the night, I change things up depending on how my skin is. If I have worked that day and I have had a tonne of makeup on, I use Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse which is an oil that breaks it all down. And then I cleanse, do a serum again, sometimes do a mask, sometimes exfoliate. I use that sonic brush thing – the Clarisonic. But I am pretty basic. I use Latisse – to make my eyelashes longer. It works! Yeah!”

Do you ever not care about your beauty routine?

Would you ever go to bed with your makeup on? “I try not to. In one of those instances where I’m just so tired or just don’t wanna do it, I’ll use those makeup remover wipes. I just keep it next to the bed. I’ll at least do that.”

So loads of people thought you were naturally a redhead…

But it’s you though isn’t it? “I had it a long time yeah“.

When you went red, did you know that it was going to be such a massive part of your life?

I didn’t. I mean, I died my hair red when I was 10 years old for the first time, so obviously didn’t have any big grand plans. Um and then I started out as a model and my modelling agency wanted me to be blonde because that was my natural colour. And I had just always been drawn to reds. And actually at that time I had been modelling for maybe a year and a half and I got a job for Clairol, and they did it the light auburn that I have been ever since.

I went back to my agency afterwards and I said, Can I keep it? Can I just keep it red?  And I started getting lots more jobs than I had as a blonde, because there were so many blondes. I also think it probably gave me some confidence that I hadn’t had before, and I sort of felt unique. And so 20 years later…

At school, so many people hated gingers!

So I actually said this to Christina Hendricks. I didn’t really plan that one! Christina said, “That’s a British thing! You say ‘ginge’, you call someone a ‘ginga’ and it’s sort of a derogatory comment. We don’t have nicknames like that. I think there’s a lot more redheads in Britain, and I’ve heard it could be really tough.”

I told Christina how I used to do everything to disguise the natural red in my hair, but that now I just don’t feel the same. In the last 2 years that whole kind of anti-ginge thing has changed in the UK.

She was interested in this. “Really? Like finally being accepted? Thanks goodness!”

I told her how often we write about the redheads on the red carpet now, and she said, “I have been noticing more articles where they put all the red headed ladies together. And just on the street I have noticed more redheads.”

“You know how Canadians always find each other…

You know when there’s a Canadian, and there’s another, and they always find each other? Redheads are the same way! If you’re walking down the street and there’s another redhead, you’re like, what’s up?! We’re in the same club.”

I noticed it the second you walked in… (!!!!!!)

I told Christina how my Shift a Shade colour change was the first time in my whole life that I have actually chosen to put a red tone in my hair. And then she said ” I noticed it the second you walked in. It’s like this rich auburn, and it really stood out…beautiful“. She said that about my hair!! OMG.

She asked, “So you put it in?“. Claudia the PR said, “yes Ree had just shifted a shade!!”. And Christina practically screamed!!

And you actually really do dye your own hair?


I really do. One of my best friends, her mom was over the other day, and they saw the commercial and she was like ‘Christina doesn’t colour her own hair’ and my friend was like ‘Mom she really does! I have known her for 17 years she really does!‘.

I asked her why…because it’s quicker than getting it done in a salon? That’s often my reason. She said, “It was the colour I fell in love with, it always turns out the same, it’s really reliable, it’s super easy, I’m in and out. It’s vibrant and I can gauge exactly when I want to do it. It’s just the best for me.”

Top tip for colouring at home?

“It should be adventurous and fun. It’s just hair. And you can always change to another colour, you can play around, you can change back. It can be anything that you always thought about or dreamed about. Why not? Just go for it. 

Other than that, you really do have to follow the directions.

“Every once in a while I get on a phone call, and I’ve got colour in my hair…

It’s so funny, because my mom uses it too and so we’ll call each other and we’ll be talking for about 5 minutes and I’ll be like – mom I just have some colour in my hair can I call you back?  Or she’ll do the same to me! It’s such a mom-daughter thing!

And I find there’s something very soothing about it all – you put the colour on, you wash it out and it’s just instantly you’re vibrant again and I enjoy blow drying it myself and seeing how shiny it is right after. It’s sort of like that private moment. And then I’ll come back out to my husband and say ‘did you notice I did my hair?’.  And he’s just like ‘yeah ok honey!’. 

For a red carpet event, choose between a makeup artist or a hair stylist

I would choose a hairstylist. I am good at colouring it, I am really good at a fast up do, I’m really good at that, but for a big event and you really want to get a nice blow out, I can’t do that. I can only do quick hair. Often times I’ll do my own makeup.

It’s like a unicorn

I told Christina that I would choose a makeup artist and she said “well look at your hair, it’s magical. It’s like a unicorn”. I then screamed and said quite plainly, I LOVE YOU! Yes I really did. Oh dear.

Are you loving the golden blonde?


It’s pretty new, and I haven’t really been able to show anyone. I’d like to keep it for a while. It’s still warm. I don’t feel like I have completely strayed. It’s blonde but it has this honey golden tone. I am still in my wheelhouse. That’s why it’s shifting a shade rather than completely changing gears entirely.”

One piece of advice for the readers?

“Trust your instincts, be your own person.” I obviously wasn’t very enthusiastic about this answer and Christina said, “you don’t like it, I can tell”. And I said, “not wear red lipstick?!!!”. We giggled!

Favourite makeup item?

Give up all makeup and keep one thing? “It’s cream blush. I am so fair, and with the red and the honey tones, I try to fake that kind of ‘wind on the moors, Irish lass thing’! I feel like if I can put the blush on, I am pretty good to go. A cream formula is more youthful looking too.”

My mum loves you

And at the end I couldn’t resist telling Christina how much my mum loves her and that she nearly cried when I told her I was meeting her, and she said “well tell her I said hello“. And I did, and my mum was thrilled. We both love her.

Then I went out and collapsed in a chair…

It’s such a weird thing ‘interviewing’ a celebrity. Especially one as awe-inspiring as Christina.  It completely isn’t a normal thing to do. When do we ever have chats with people we don’t know, about things that we care about? We don’t. It’s such a strange little moment in time that just starts and finishes and then it’s hard to believe it happened.

And then you listen to the recording and write it up and you know it did happen. When I listened, I laughed at the same bits that we laughed about together, and I had the same feelings of “oh my god she’s incredible” that I did when I was with her.

But I don’t know her and that’s the very end of it. The ridiculously over-sentimental and girly part of me wants to be best friends forever, and then the reality of the situation reminds you that it was just a little bubble of experience that’s finished now, but not forgotten. I have my recording! I have often listened to the one I have  with Courteney Cox! It’s probably ridiculous, but these moments make me feel very special, but at the same time so ingloriously ordinary. It’s hard to explain but utterly thrilling.

All I have to say really is. I totally HEART Christina Hendricks. CH forever! And we shifted a shade together with Clairol. Not many people can say that. I bet CH is telling her friends now…NOT!

And if you want to be like Christina (which I do), her new shade is Nice n Easy Permanent Colour Crème in Natural Honey Blonde 8G.

Huge thanks to Nice n Easy for inviting me to be part of this project. It has made me very happy.



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  1. Hi ree love ur hair…is the color u used a per ant color????….if so are u afraid of the regrowth r will it kinda fade as well????….

    1. hiya – yes it’s permanent. I am not sure what will happen with regrowth yet or how it will look. I have the root touch up ready just in case!!

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