Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette - Back in Stock!
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Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette – Back in Stock!

14 May 2019 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Great news! The sell-out Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Eyeshadow Palette has just landed back in stock, so here’s a look.

Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette
Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette

Available HERE now.

Do you need Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes?

So! The this palette was used in the Victoria Secret’s Show in New York. It was a key element of the natural, fresh, glamorous look for the models. So if you want that VS model vibe, then yes you need it!

What are the Shades?

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Gigi Hadid inspired this palette. The four shades are designed to prime, enlarge, define and pop the eyes:

Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette
  • Prime – warm, eye-brightening ivory-cream which reflects light and gives the effect of broadening the whole eye area. Applied in the inner corners, it widens the eyes
  • Enlarge – lightly contouring, rose-gold shade gives a lifting effect to the socket. Build it up or wash across the eye lightly
  • Define – defining, colour-contrasting universal reddish-brown that adds instant definition to the lash-line and makes the eyes look brighter
  • Pop – wash of transparent sparkle to eye-widen and eye-brighten throughout the day

What does Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Look Like?

Here are the all important Exaggereyes swatches for you to check out!

Exagger-eyes Palette
Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette

Where can you buy Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes?

As soon as stock appears it sells out, but I can tell you that it is in stock now and you can purchase online from the Charlotte Tilbury website. Good luck picking it up!

I absolutely love these shades. I know that many of you did too, as it sold out in a flash! The good news is that it is back.

Hoe Does Exaggereyes Palette Compare to Pillow Talk Palette?

I know that many people ask how similar it is to the Pillow Talk palette. I think it is pretty different – check out the Pillow Talk swatches post here. This palette has more bronzey tones and more super flattering shimmer, whereas Pillow Talk is much pinker and a tad more matte. I think there is definitely room for both palettes in one girl’s collection. But then I would! Buy Pillow Talk on the Charlotte Tilbury site.

Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette vs Pillow Talk Palette
Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette vs Pillow Talk Palette

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