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Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System Review

5 Jun 2014 (Updated: 17 Jun 2014)

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I didn’t think that anything could bring my nails back from the brink ‘orange death’  without full-on treatment and full-out effort, but, knock me down with a feather, this little kit truly has! Nail colour junkies, get ready to welcome the Butter London Nail 999 Rescue System into your life! It’s a little nail saver!

Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System Review

This little Butter LONDON duo contains the Nail 999 Rescue Basecoat and the Nail 999 Rescue Topcoat both of which have been formulated with fortifying vitamins, proteins and Horsetail Extract. These work to to promote nail strength and growth, plus have a brightening effect on the appearance of the nails.

Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System Review
Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System Review

Although the promised benefits of the system mainly focus on strength and repair, I have found the biggest benefit to be how it has tackled the severe discolouration of my nails. I will spare you a before picture, but trust me, it really wasn’t pretty. Every time I had my nails done by a manicurist, I was asked if I wear base coat because they were so stained. The annoying thing is that I always wear base coat and it doesn’t ever make any difference. I have really porous nails I think and there’s not much I can do about it. Until now!

I haven’t done anything special – expect swap in the Butter London Nail 999 base and top coats when I have been doing my nails. I wasn’t expecting it to make any difference at all. But when I was taking my nail polish off the other day for a colour change, I noticed that my nails were looking whiter!

Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System After Photo

Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System Review

Also it makes my nails smoother than ever and creates the most perfect base for colour. I do the 999 Nail Rescue base coat, 2 coats of whatever I like, pop on the 999 Nail Rescue Top Coat and I am good to go. Apparently, for an intensive treatment you do one layer of base coat, skip colour and go straight to one layer of top coat and repeat over 3 days. But I haven’t needed to do that! So impressed!

Butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue System is out now for £32. Find it on their website.



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