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Burberry Beauty Charm

8 Oct 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Oh my goodness! How adorable is this?! I just had to do a quick shout out for the Burberry Beauty Charm because I know  that if I received this as a gift, I’d be absolutely over the moon!

Burberry Beauty Charm

And as much as I hate to say it, I think with only 11 weeks to go, I am allowed to start properly talking about the C word!! Sorry! Yes, this would make the sweetest, prettiest and handiest little Christmas present for a lover of beauty and fashion, and I am absolutely in love with Burberry’s Golden Christmas look.

And honestly? Look what you get!! It’s a beautiful metallic leather design with 2 Burberry embossed cubes one of which opens up to reveal Cameo Pink lip gloss!! Love it! It can be used as a bag charm or as a key ring/key chain – however you like!!

Burberry Beauty Charm Availability

This little beauty is available from November 2014 and costs £70. I know that’s pricey but this is so luxe and lovely, plus it’s a great lip gloss. Burberry’s Lip Glow in Cameo Pink is a beautiful warm coral with lots of pink in it. It’s a shade that suits most skin tones and the formula has great pigmentation and lasts really well. So it’s a gloss that’s well worth having rather than just there to look pretty!

Check out Burberry’s beauty offering HERE.



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One thought on “Burberry Beauty Charm

  1. Hi, I really like this charm and I found out it can only purchase through the Burberry UK website. Do you know is there anyway I can purchase this in U.S. Thanks

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