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Buddy Scrub Green Tea Review

11 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Exfoliating scrubs in bags is a whole new product category that has made a sudden appearance on our shelves in the last year. Usually a mix of granular natural substances such as sugar, salt and coffee, along with emollients such as coconut or olive oil, they’re the latest natural way to scrub up. I’ve been trying out the Buddy Scrub Green Tea Scrub.

Buddy Scrub Green Tea
Buddy Scrub Green Tea

I’ll confess to being intrigued by a new product format to the market. However I tried a famous coffee scrub version and was less than impressed. It was messy and seemed like an expensive way to buy since you have to use it fairly liberally. I heard stories of people blocking their plumbing with coffee granules (which don’t dissolve in plug holes). I also tried a salt-based version from Superdrug and was nonplussed.

Yet I admit to being wowed by Buddy Scrub which worked as a terrific smoother, making me far smoother than my usual mix of hard core scrubber and exfoliating gloves. I tried the green tea flavour, a mix of sea salt, sugar, green tea, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and grape seed oil. You could, in theory, make it at home, but my life’s frankly too short for that. If you are creatively minded there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on giving it a crack.

Buddy Scrub Green Tea
Buddy Scrub Green Tea Texture

Other flavours of the product are available such as raw cacao, which includes sweet almond and coconut oil for combination skin, or the charcoal one for oily skin. However I like the way the green tea scrub is low on mess compared to the dark coloured scrubs – it’s far less messy than its coffee competitors. Also I’ve recently developed an allergy to a common substance called linalool, so I’m delighted to have found something that can do without any added perfume.
In fact the Green Tea version I tested is the best product for anyone with dryness or eczema. I was worried about getting through the bag quickly but you don’t need a great amount of product each time. I’ve used the product around five times and am nowhere near to being halfway through the bag. I’m also a fake tanner come summer, and Buddy Scrub created a great foundation for some serious, extra dark fake tan with no streaks.

Buddy Scrub Green Tea
Buddy Scrub Green Tea Packaging

So as you can tell, I’m impressed by a new product in a category that hadn’t yet managed to impress me. It’s much more cost effective than I expected and creates the softest skin from any scrub I’ve yet tried.

Buddy Scrub Green Tea is £15 and is available here

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One thought on “Buddy Scrub Green Tea Review

  1. This sounds perfect for me, especially because it’s good for those with eczema! Going to have to try it out I think! Thanks so much for the review 😀

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