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Bourjois Beauty Fest

12 Sep 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I had the best day on Saturday. I attended a bloggers event at Bourjois Press Office in London and got utterly spoiled by the Lesley and Wendy, Bourjois superstars.
It was so much fun. I was literally in make up heaven. We were treated to some yummy nibbles and drinks but even more exciting, a make up demonstration by the beautiful and super sweet Cassie Lomas, celebrity make up artist, expert and spokesperson for Bourjois. 
Yummy treats
Cassie Lomas works on Wendy
Bourjois’ lovely Wendy was the model, and source of much information on all the gorgeous new products.
This is my summary of all the goodies. In future posts I will take a closer look at them.
First up was Bourjois’ brand new eco foundation. Bio Detox Organic has a formula 98.8% of natural origin and promises to deliver oxygen to the skin whilst filtering pollution and evening out skin tone.
Launches October, £11.99
Cassie applied the product to Wendy’s skin with a foundation brush and advised that this first stage in creating  your look should be the part you spend plenty of time on. This foundation delivers a fresh and velvety finish.
Then came the concealer, also from the Bio Detox Organic range.
Launches October, £7.99
Notice the clever little roller ball that delivers the product whilst gently massaging the eye area with an ice cube effect. It has anti-puffiness properties and light reflecting pigments to cover dark circles for a natural, lightweight finish. When I tested it, it felt very cool and provided a nice light cover.
The Eyes!
Trio, £7.49
Liner, £5.99
This gorgeous smoky eyeshadow trio gives us a white gold illuminator, a grey-brown and a dark brown shade. Cassie explained how we could achieve the ‘on trend’ khaki effect. The compact has easy-to-understand instructions on the reverse on how to create the perfect smoky eye. It boasts an easy-to-blend formula and promises eight hour wear. The effect that the three colours achieved was beautiful.
Also pictured here is the gold liquid eyeliner which was a very light gold colour applied along the lower lash line. It has a really brightening effect. I love a liquid eyeliner and it’s so nice to have a change from black. I’m super excited to try this out.
Little test
Now talking of excited, you have got to try this. I LOVE a gimmick and I LOVE mascara, so Volumizer by Bourjois ticks all the boxes for me!
Launches end of September, £10.99
This mascara has a two step process which adjusts the amount of make up deposited on the brush. Step One for defined volume. Step Two for boosted volume. Because I was so excited about this, Cassie agreed to take the mascara I had off and try this out on me. I loved it. My lashes have never looked so long and thick. Small confession – I was up late last night and couldn’t be bothered to take my makeup off (slap wrists) and woke up this morning with my lashes still looking lovely and thick and long! Then let us never speak of this again!
Now apparently Red is Back! And Boujois have created a range of Red lipsticks called Sweet Kiss les Rouges. 
Sweet Kiss, £7.99
These easy to wear shades have an incredibly light texture and felt very moisturising. I know this because after having had my lashes done I was loving the attention so much that I asked Cassie to do my lips too. We opted for shade 53, Brique Chic.
Brique chic (53)
It felt so light and nourishing as it was being applied, and after, it didn’t feel like I was wearing lipstick at all.
And here I am.
Me and Brique Chic
Everyone said it really suited me! I never wear red but this wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I definitely plan to include it in my looks going forward. I went out afterwards and it lasted well and wore off evenly leaving a nice stain.
And this is Wendy’s finished look as created by Cassie. If Wendy is looking a tiny bit scared, it is probably because I ran excitedly towards her waving my camera. I have this effect on people sometimes.
Finally, we were introduced to the polishes. 
Gris Cashmere, £5.49
Rouge Profonde, £5.49
Amazing campaign shot
They are gorgeous colours which I’ll be testing out very soon.
Fellow bloggers playing with the goodies
I was very, very impressed with Bourjois’ new products. The quality is great and the colours are extremely relevant to all the Autumn trends. From what I’ve seen so far, I love it all.
What do you think to my beauty fest? Have any of the products caught your eye?
Some quick Twitter tips. Follow Boujois here and Cassie Lomas here.
Can’t wait to hear from you

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2 thoughts on “Bourjois Beauty Fest

  1. oooh, can I just say that I am a teensy weensy little bit jealous! I love bourjois and what woman doesn’t love makeup? Looks like you had a fab day – and you look gorgeous!!!
    Maria xx

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