Best Concealers 2019 - Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty, Power Fabric & More!
By Ree

8 Best Concealers 2019 – Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty, Power Fabric & More!

20 May 2019 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I have been getting so many questions about all the new launches that I thought I’d create a video all about the Best Concealers of 2019 so far. It includes concealers from Charlotte Tilbury, Armani, Fenty Beauty, Makeup Forever, NARS, Hourglass, Flower Beauty and Maybelline. It was really fun. I hope you enjoy it!!

Best Concealers 2019 – The Products

In the video, I am demonstrating the following concealers:

  • Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer 2019
  • Armani Power Fabric High Cover Stretchable Concealer
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away
  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Concealer
  • Hourglass Veil
  • NARS Soft Matte Compete Concealer
  • Flower Beauty Light Illusion Concealer
  • Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer

I show you how they apply, blend and cover my skin, and I share my thoughts on what each one does best. And then I tell you my favourite! I hope you really enjoy this video, please let me know if you have any questions.

For those of you that can’t watch the Best Concealers 2019 video, I have made a transcript so you can read through my thoughts. And of course, I have linked all the individual reviews above if you need a bit more detail.

Best Concealers 2019 Video Transcript

There have been so many new launches recently and everyone’s looking for comparisons like, is the Charlotte Tilbury like the Armani power fabric or which do I prefer from Makeup Forever’s new HD or Is Fenty what we’re looking for.  So what I’ve done  is I’ve just got them all out – all my favourite concealers and some of the new launches as well.

Best Concealers 2019
Best Concealers 2019

I’m just going to show you them applied to my face and have a little chat through to try and help you make your decisions a bit better.

1. Makeup Forever Ultra HD 2019

Starting off with Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer which is actually a reformulation and a relaunch, launching later this month. So, this is a really nice concealer. It’s  formulated for  4k technology whatever that means! It comes in 20 shades and it’s got loads of skincare in it, like hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts there to boost luminosity.

Best Concealer 2019 - Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer 2019
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer 2019

It’s also got 12 hour wear, is crease-proof and self-setting. It’s a really nice one,  I’ve been using it a fair bit. I love the texture of this one. It has a nice doe foot applicator that swipes on really easily. I love that it’s self setting so you don’t need powder. I’m shade thirty.

It blends really nicely and easily it’s very flattering and doesn’t sink into lines. It fuses with the skin really nicely and gives a really flawless finish. It’s great for the great for the handbag and for touching up during the day because it’s got loads of skincare in it. Sign up here.

2. Armani Power Fabric Concealer

I really like this. It’s kind of a soft matte finish but it’s got luminosity. It is very long wearing and contains volatile oils which kind of evaporate over time so that you have a very flexible coverage that works with your skin. It’s really clever.

Best Concealer 2019 - Armani Power Fabric High Cover Stretchable Concealer
Armani Power Fabric High Cover Stretchable Concealer

I like it under eyes as it’s really nice and forgiving on fine lines and wrinkles. It comes in 20 shades and has a nice doe foot applicator that smooths on loads of product. It blends really easily.  I like this because it’s got extremely high coverage but it doesn’t look like you’ve got any makeup on so I actually quite like it when I’m not even wearing any foundation.

It just makes you look flawless without looking like you’ve got anything on at all. The finish is kind of matte but kind of luminous as well and because they have volatile oils in the formula they evaporate over for flexible, smart coverage. It works to keep your skin hydrated and still covered. Buy it HERE.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer

I absolutely adore this concealer – I think it’s probably my favorite mainly because I have just used it so much – this is maybe my fourth one now.  I just really love it. It’s so easy to use  – I like the cushion applicator.

Best Concealer 2019- Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer

This one comes in 16  different shades, so not as wide as the other ones shade wise, but it’s glowy and just covers everything. It does the job. You just swipe it on  – it’s lovely – got a nice glowy dewy finish – it’s probably the glowiest of the ones I’m showing you and you can use it on everything – on blemishes on fine lines, shadows, dark circles,  it’s just gorgeous.

It’s got a soft stretchy feel to it, almost like elastic  and it just makes my skin look good. Buy it HERE.

4. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Retouch Concealer

So you probably know if you’ve tried any Fenty that Rihanna’s a bit funny about glowy base products because she thinks that you should keep everything matte and then add glow where you want to. It’s not really my vibe! I like things ore dewy in terms of my base and everywhere but this is a really lovely concealer.

Best Concealer 2019 - Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer
Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

It comes in 50 shades which is amazing. I use shade 140. It’s nice and affordable at £19.  You can use it on everything – so under eyes, pigmentation, pores, lines, redness – it does it all. It’s not my favourite under the eyes because it isn’t dewy and I am slightly wary of it because I feel like it might settle into my lines, and it does a little bit.

It’s great for redness and blemishes and a  little bit goes a long way. It would be good for oily skin. Buy it HERE.

5. Hourglass Veil

OK this one launched a while ago –  early last year, and I love this for touching up during the day because it’s a sheerer one. It’s not so much about pigmented coverage but coverage with light reflection and glow which I love. It never gets cakey and you can reapply it loads. This only comes in 6 shades but because it’s fairly sheer I think they’re quite flexible shades.  I use vanilla.

Best Concealer 2019- Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid
Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid

It’s got skin care in so great for under the eyes – it’s got hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. I would say it’s good for touching up during the day because it doesn’t add any weight to your makeup. This one is lovely for under the eyes and it’s a really natural kind of option that never ever goes cakey and is super super easy to blend. Buy it HERE.

6. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

This is the one I thought I wouldn’t like because it’s called soft matte! But I love this stuff – it lasts really well, it’s got great great coverage as it’s super pigmented. It isn’t a flat matte and it’s kind of luminous still, which is amazing for me. I don’t need to set it with powder as it kind of self sets which is such a bonus. It comes in 16 shades – mine is Creme Brulee.

Best Concealer 2019 - NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review & Swatches (All shades)
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

The Soft Matte is super creamy and really flattering on the skin as it doesn’t sink into lines. It’s good under eyes, even though you wouldn’t expect it to be and great on any redness and pores as it smooths and perfect. This one lasts really well and if you want something dewy, I sometimes do a couple of clicks of my Touche Eclat in shade one and dip it in and actually use that to apply instead of sticking my finger in the pot. Buy it HERE.

7. Flower Beauty Light Illusion Concealer

This is from Drew Barrymore’s makeup range and I have been getting lots of questions about it. It’s a great concealer that’s really affordable. This one has a nice wand – it smooths on really well with glowy finish and I find it good for under eye and any redness, pores and general imperfections. Just sweep it on and blend – it dries kind of quickly so you need to work fast.

Best Concealer 2019 - Flower Beauty Concealer
Flower Beauty Concealer

It offers good coverage and I feel like it performs like a more expensive concealer, making everything nice and flawless. Buy it HERE.

8. Maybelline Instant Age Eraser Concealer

Although this is not at all new, it would be unfair to include high street concealer. It has a bit of skin care in it which is great and it comes in twelve shades. This works really nicely for me so and I’ve probably been using this for the longest out of all of the concealers. It’s just does such a brilliant job. You can just swipe it on everything, it’s so easy to use and blend. There’s no point not having this!

Best Concealer 2019 - Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer
Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer – Ivory, Light, Fair

It’s slightly less glowy than the Flower one but it’s not matte – kind of soft luminous matte and perfecting –  really excellent and super affordable. Buy it HERE.

I hope that was really helpful. You can watch the full Best Concealers 2019 video HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions!



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