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Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review

26 Jan 2016

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The Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is a 4-in-1 beauty product that harnesses the power of British Bee ingredients. It’s a simple balm with a whole lot going on and has been quite a saviour for my stressed out skin. Here’s the low down.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review
Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review

So the Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is a face and body enzyme treatment that can be used in a variety of ways which makes it a really useful addition to your skincare wardrobe.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Uses

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review
  • Facial complexion booster – refines, hydrates and visibly improves skin suppleness whilst actively targeting the signs of ageing
  • Weekly scalp treatment – promotes overall hair and scalp hydration
  • Hands rescue remedy – moisturises and restores vitality to hands and cuticles
  • SOS Mask – on elbows, knees and feet to soften and gently remove dead skin cells

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Formulation

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review
  • 5 natural alpha hydroxy fruit acids from orange, lemon and bilberry gently exfoliate
  • British plant oils, Wheatgerm and Camelina, rich in Vitamin E for promoting skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Beeswax plus Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower lock in hydration
  • British wildflower honey hydrates and offers antioxidant protection
  • Propolis purifies and refines the skin
  • Bisabolol (derived from Camomile) balances and calms challenged or hormonal skin

So you can use this all over the place but I have been using it on my face and on my hairline which is prone to eczema and flakiness when I get stressed out. The texture is gorgeous and although it’s a solid balm, it melts instantly upon contact and becomes like a luxurious oil-balm.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Review

For the face, you massage it into the skin and then can leave it on for as little as 60 seconds for a ‘flash facial’ or an hour for more of a pamper. In the evenings, a couple of times a week, I have been extending it to my hairline, leaving it for an hour and then removing it with a muslin cloth.

It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking refreshed, radiant and extremely calm. It has also worked really well on the flakiness on my hairline. It’s a brilliant product and would be amazing for travel as it could definitely double as a regular hot cloth cleanser too.

Additionally, when I travel I am often a little allergic to the detergents that hotels use to wash their sheets and often end up with sore elbows and knees. This would be the perfect antidote. It’s great for hormonal skin too.

The Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is £35 for 100ml and is available at QVC.



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