beautyblender Sapphire - New Colour for Summer 2018
By Ree

beautyblender Sapphire – New Colour for Summer 2018

24 May 2018 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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It’s always exciting when beautyblender release a new colour and I am really loving this one! Here’s a little look at the brand new beautyblender Sapphire which is the most gorgeous blue beauty! Also, keep reading for a few tips for use, cleaning and when to get a new one!

beautyblender Sapphire
beautyblender Sapphire

So this is all the goodness of the original beautyblender but in a brand new colour. What I am loving about this darker shade is that makeup marks don’t show up so much!!

beautyblender Sapphire Features

  • Jewel tone hue
  • Super-soft aqua activated material
  • Use with liquid foundations, BB Creams, CC Creams & powders
  • Latex- free and scent-free
  • Available HERE.
beautyblender Sapphire
beautyblender Sapphire

So you use the beautyblender Sapphire  just like your other blenders, but I thought it might be useful to recap on some hints and tips.

beautyblender Sapphire
beautyblender Sapphire

Make sure you wet your blender completely, every time you use it. Apparently it should never be used dry, no matter what you are using it for. You simply soak  it with water, (use a water mist if you are on the go) and then squeeze out the excess water.

beautyblender Sapphire
beautyblender Sapphire

Make sure you wash your blender at least once a week, if not before or after every use. This will help maintain the integrity of the blender’s material. Just a simple wash with a cleanser, and don’t do anything crazy like putting it in the microwave. That will destroy your blender from the inside out!

Most importantly, I think it’s important to note that your blender won’t last forever. It is is recommended that you change it every 3 months, but when that was announced at a recent beautyblender dinner, there were loads of guilty faces around the table!! Maybe it’s time for a new one?!

The beautyblender Sapphire is £17 and available HERE.

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