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Bagsy Wonder Wand Review

7 Sep 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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If you’ve never heard of Bagsy, they are a British beauty brand that launched last year. Their tagline is “Your handbag’s best friend.” They offer small beauty products, designed for your handbag. The idea is to create lots of easy-to-use beauty essentials, that you use every day. That way you can always be prepared for any last minute event or occasion, without wasting lots of space. So too with the Bagsy Wonder Wand.

Bagsy Wonder Wand
Bagsy Wonder Wand

Unsurprisingly, The Bagsy Wonder Wand is yet another multi use product. The idea behind it is to provide a concealer and highlighter all in one handy place. It’s safe to say that the packaging for the Bagsy Wonder Wand is really quite fancy. The Wonder Wand comes packaged in a gorgeous bright box, finished in a tie-die like print with shooting stars. You push the end of the box to reveal another box tucked inside. The box inside is a lovely minty/blue hue, finished with the quote “I was blessed with beauty… but sometimes it needs highlighting”. As a highlighter obsessive I LOVE this quote!

Bagsy Wonder Wand
Bagsy Wonder Wand Packaging


Finally we reach the Bagsy Wonder Wand itself, which is a glossy white stick with a swish silver lid. Pop off the lid and you’re greeted with the dual-purpose pencil. On one half of the pencil you have a concealer, designed to mask blemishes and under-eye shadows. The concealer is a really creamy consistency, but it’s definitely a shade or two too dark for me. However, it would be perfect if you have more of a medium skin tone.

Bagsy Wonder Wand
Bagsy Wonder Wand Dual Tip

On the other side of the pencil we have the highlighter, designed to illuminate the skin with a subtle sheen. You can see by the swatch that this is such a gorgeous shade. It’s quite a white/silver shade that is almost iridescent in the light.

Bagsy Wonder Wand Swatches
Swatches of Concealer and Highlighter

The tip of this pencil really is quite small; I wouldn’t want to use it every single day, as it’s really difficult to be precise with your application. However, as a backup for your handbag and for people with medium skin tones, I think this would be a great little buy!


The Bagsy Wonder Wand retails for £18. You can find it here



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