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Baby Balmi Review- Pocket Sized Lip Balm You’ll Love!

31 Mar 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Baby Balmi Review

If you’re anything like me and have handbags, drawers and pockets full of lip balms and carry them with you wherever you go, then you’ll love these highly portable, new Baby balmi lip balms.

Baby Balmi Review

The great thing about these balms is that they are half the size of the original Balmis so really can fit into your pocket or even the tiniest clutch with no problems whatsoever. Not only that, but they’re only £2 each so it’s not a major disaster if you manage to lose them regularly, leaving a trail of  lip balms in your wake wherever you go, in the way that I do!

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As with the original balmis they are formulated with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e and feel really smooth and nourishing on the lips. They perhaps don’t last quite as well as some of the super luxe lip balm options, but if you’re someone who is constantly reapplying lip balm, as I am, this might not bother you.

I have two flavours here- summer berry and fresh mint, both are lovely. The summer berry has a very strawberry, fruity, summery scent, whereas the fresh mint version has a definite minty smell and feels just slightly tingly on the lips which only adds to the fresh feeling. I have the sense that these would be perfect pre-date for getting your lips soft and kissable; sadly as a long married woman I haven’t tested that theory!

balmi 2The packaging follows the traditional balmi style of being a cube shaped product with a twistable lid, with a pyramid of solid balm nestling inside. The top and bottom are different but co-ordinating colours, only adding to the cute factor. This will almost certainly make them even more appealing to a young audience than the wildly popular originals- mine lasted about twenty minutes before my teenage daughters made off with them!

Baby balmi are £2 each and are available to buy exclusively in store at Primark.

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