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CLOSED. Appliance Anxiety? Check This Out & Win a Set of Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners. CLOSED.

6 Jan 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Good old British Gas is leaping to the rescue for all us Brits that spend our precious time worrying ourselves to death about whether we’ve left our straighteners and curlers on.
I don’t know about you, but I have had many a heart stopping panic about whether I have left my straighteners burning into the carpet and have even held and breath and crossed my fingers as I’ve turned the corner to my street in dread of fire engines and smoking embers!
And I have been very very lucky because I have left them turned on, and on quite a few occasions too! I
never learn! And as I am sure you know, I am not alone.

Read on to win these…

Win These Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

Research has revealed that 30 million of us suffer from  the same ‘appliance anxiety’. Apparently we spend as much as 80 minutes a week worrying about whether we have left the iron, the boiler or the hair stylers on, which actually amounts to a shocking 8 months of our lives just WORRYING! Hideous!! 
And that’s without going into the amount of money we waste leaving these appliances switched on. It’s millions by the way.

So in response to this, the next generation smart meter from British Gas has been developed which has a traffic light system that indicates when appliances are switched on. Technology is also being worked on to allow customers to remotely control their central heating and household appliances using smart phones. Yay!

So if you are out, and you start to worry, you can check it and fix it before you can say “Oh god I think I’ve left  the bleeping straighteners on! PHEWPH!
And to celebrate these super clever developments, I have a pair of Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners to give away to one lucky ReallyRee reader.
All you have to do:
1. Leave a comment below saying what you think of this new technology from Brisitsh Gas and how you would use it!
2. Tweet: Win a set of Cloud Nine Straighteners with @ReallyRee & British Gas – 
Remember to let me know you’ve tweeted in your comment!


Looking forward to hearing from you and what you think about the ‘Applicance Anxiety’ Technology.
*This giveaway is open to the UK only. It is open now and will run until Sunday 22nd January 2012. I will choose the winner shortly after that.

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73 thoughts on “CLOSED. Appliance Anxiety? Check This Out & Win a Set of Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners. CLOSED.

  1. Oh wow I’ve never heard of this before, what a fab idea! I frequently worry about what I’ve left on, this would really put my mind at ease! I wonder if they can create one for “have I locked the front door?”
    Tweeted too, @rhodak09

  2. I think it’s a great idea! I’d love to be able to control things remotely more – on *and* off. I think of my poor doggies who can get caught out without the heating on during a day that suddenly gets cold, not to mention things like leaving the straighteners switched on (thank goodness for heat-resistant mats, or I’d be living in ruins).

    tweeted, @nickiem

  3. This new tech would be a godsend for stopping me worrying about my straighteners. In the past I’ve even resorted to taking pictures of my unplugged and switched off straighteners so I can reassure myself later in the day (OCD much?).
    Great article and giveaway!

  4. how clever, it will make everyone know, so then my partner and step son can stop wasting so much energy, bills will be cheaper, carbon footprint will be less so its a win win all round, fantastic idea !!! x

  5. Gosh, i thought this post is about ME!!!!

    I always worry, or let me explain better, I always leave appliances on and then my lovely boyfriend worries. He knows me so he is always checking up everything before we leave. But if he forgets then we worry together !!!!

    I love the idea of remote control – how smart!!!! this is exactly the direction where the latest techlology should go. I can forget to turn off the iron or straightener but I never NEVER forget to take my iPad and HTC out

    Kasia @LeadersinHeels

  6. AMAZING. Not only have I left my hair straighteners on and forgotten about them before, but I have also burnt my foot (a day before New York) after forgetting that they were left on! Consequently, I spent most of the holiday hobbling around. I even hopped my way around the Rockefellar ice ring because I didn’t want to miss out :/

    What a plonker! Love this idea! Mags xx

    Tweeted @smartgirltravel

  7. What a fabulous idea, I like the idea of being able to switch on the heating whilst on my way home on my phone πŸ™‚ Jude xx

    Have tweeted as @jadlgw

  8. hi
    hope you had a great christmas
    what a great development, am a british gas user but did not know of this
    mine would be a laptop which never needed charging, you may find this silly lol
    have tweeted about this comp, twitter name is yasminec9
    would love to win
    thank you

  9. I think this is an amazing idea! the amount of time i have set of to work only to turn around an go home to check i have turned my straightners of is rediculous! I would actually use this app everyday!

    I have also tweeted this! @plussized22 on twitter!


  10. This is such an amazing invention. It would save me getting out of the car and running back in the house every morning to check I’ve turned off straightners, curlers etc! I do it nearly every day guaranteed!

    Another fab giveaway Ree. Thank you.

    I’ve tweeted (@jen__la)

  11. I think it’s perfect because my teenage daughter ALWAYS leaves her straighteners, TV and lap top on, when my teenage son leaves his TV, X-box and phone charger on. This would save me stacks on bills, I’m sure. Will be re-tweeting this.


  12. I’ve tweeted (@hxppxe) and I’d use it to get to work on time and save a few grey hairs that I know are ready to burst forth. I worry so much I find it’s easier to go without then to spend an entire day panic stricken!

  13. This would be a really handy tool for my family. With two little ones to look after, life can be chaotic and there has definately been more than one occasion that I have left the iron on. This would let me keep track of what I have left on and also save me money in times where fuel costs are rising

  14. How clever! I’m forever checking I’ve turned things off, so this would be a godsend! Turning the heating on via your phone would be amazing too – nice toasty house to come home to! Thanks for such a lovely competition. I’ve tweeted too πŸ™‚ @milkpetal

  15. This is such a fab idea! Like you Ree, I’ve often been silently praying to myself as I go home that I’m not going to come home to a house in flames because of my idiocy.
    I do almost everything off my phone, including writing & posting blog posts at time. So being able to control the heating & what appliances are on in my flat sounds like a great idea!

    Steph xx

  16. Wow i was only talking about these straightners with my hairdresser yesterday! as i hadnt heard of them before at they are fab (shes used them on my thick frizzy hair)
    As for British gas! what a brill idea, im am slighty ocd & check the house at least 3 times before i go out so im so glad they are doing this, will help me get out my house alot quicker.
    Fav giveaway thankyou Ree. xx

  17. this is a great idea ..I’ve been known to spoil a night out by turning back to check if appliances are switched off ,bit ocd that way ,I’m the one who turns things on to make sure they were turned off in the first place ,lol Tweeted the competition @PatLawton1 (Pat Lawton)

  18. So clever!! I can’t imagine what my bus journey home would be like without the worry of getting ‘the look’ from my boyfriend for running out of the house and leaving stuff on! Tweeted as @eoinsmissus

  19. This technology sounds brilliant!

    There are countless times I can name that I have left the house and for the entire day, worry about having left something on. The main appliances are my little space heater and my iron! The worst is wondering if I’m going to come home and hoping everything is ok …

    I’d love to win this hair straightener. And if I do win it, I’ll alway remember not to leave on every time I use it I’m sure! πŸ˜‰

    have tweeted xx @KookyKaty

  20. Its a brilliant idea! I’m always late to anywhere I go cos I have to check around the house several times to make sure that everything is switched off before I leave. My husband thinks I’m crazy!
    Tweeted as @MummyBee81

  21. Another reason why I need to get a smart phone. I’m always late for everything cos I spend so much time going back and forth checking if I’ve switched stuff off!!

    Tweeted at @slaws

  22. What a fab idea!
    I have 2 male housemates who I suspect are getting rather fed up of a panicked me phoning & saying, “just wondering if you’re at home? Oh good, can you please check…/ You’re not, um, not to worry, no no, nothing important” (cue further panicking in my head + calculations to see if I can beat them home to meet the fire brigade).
    Tweeting as @Skindeepblogger.

    Thanks! x

  23. Amazing. My hairdresser uses these straighteners – they’re incredible.

    I’d use it to stop myself from making my Mum do an emergency stop and then a u-turn on the way to work because I’ve had a total panic attack that the house is going to burn down because I’ve left my straighteners on.

    Just tweeted as well xox (@_sugartown) xx

  24. My regular ‘appliance’ fear is that I have left the oven on and I often get out of bed to check, even though our gas oven has an auto shut-off facility.

    Remote technology sounds fantastic and I would definitely use it. BUT I am so paranoid regarding things like this that I can picture myself staring at my phone, sitting on a train or something miles from home, having used the technology to switch off the iron, thinking “what if the remote technology didn’t work and the iron IS STILL ON!?!”

  25. Thats such a fab idea – I dont worry so much about my straighteners (anymore) as after leaving them on in the past i always make sure i buy ones that automatically turn off after so long, but it would be fab to know i havent left the iron on !!

    I have tweeted too @talulabblogger

    Tess x

  26. wow – not GHD’s theres a first – having a go for these and hopefully will get a chance to pass em to little sister who can put em through her paces πŸ™‚ oh retweeting at CompForumsUK

  27. What an awesome idea – just right for for a scatterbrain like me. I’m forever getting halfway to work then having to double back to check I’ve turned my straighteners off. I would definitely use the technology to check I’d turned my small appliances off and it would be great if conversely it could turn on lights when I am out and it’s getting dusk, I can never get those automatic timers to work so to be able to turn things on and off would be a godsend!

  28. I hate that feeling you get when you’re away from home and have no way to check so this is perfect! It’s amazing that we’d be able to actually do something about it too.
    I tweeted as @Jennasuth24

    Thanks xx

  29. sounds good, as i’m always having to go back and check, but wouldn’t you have to remember to check the British Gas system?

    tweeted: @claireishoop

  30. I think the smart phone thing is such a good idea and I would definitely use it. So often I go away for the weekend leaving my heating on full blast so I would make use of it fo’ sho’!

    I have just tweeted about this @Super_Gorgeous thank youuuuu! x

  31. This technology sounds fab! I constantly think I’ve left everything on so would sort out my worries right away haha!

    My twitter account is @jemmadm

  32. Thats such a great idea, not just for muppets like me who have forgotten to turn off their straighteners & was only saved from serious damage to my home because they had a system that switches them off if they’ve not been touched for 20 minutes, but also for people who think they’ve turned appliances off completely but they are actually on standby using heaps of electricity (my husband is a git for doing this!) & I think this technology will not only reduce peoples bills & their carbon footprint but it will make people more aware of what appliances are actually still switched on when they think they’re off. Anything that educates more people about smart electricity usage & how to reduce their carbon emissions is a great idea in my opinion. @laura_clair_

  33. Ommggg fab idea! Wow the ammount of panick attacks me and my mum have had in our lives over heated appliances! I have done both the steps! Thanks for the oppertunity to win such a fab prize! I followed you on @Lucy894 Much Love Lucy

  34. Wow, what a great idea! I would use it in loads of ways… I always worry about whether myself or the hubby have left various appliances on, so I’d defo use that part of it. I’d also like to set the heating just before I leave work (yeah, there are timers, but I never get home the same time every day!). I’d also use it to turn the heating off if I’m out longer than expected!

    I have also tweeted as @ktcoventry

  35. Where has this technology been all my life ,the times i have gone back home just to check if i have switched something off or not ! lol

    I have tweeted as @CHOCOAJ

  36. Oh what a fantastic idea, where will we go now. This would be great for me as a busy working mum doing shifts and juggling all the daily task. Sending instructions to my smart phone. The only thing would it be to cook dinner well we can only wish

  37. Controlling your appliances from your smart phone is a great idea! It may be a way off but wouldn’t it be great to boil the kettle when you are 5 mins from home to have a cuppa when you get in! I’m retweeting from @limicooper

  38. Tweeted @bezzzzza
    Now instead of going round switching everything off and having hubby n daughter moaning about time I’m “wasting” when they want to go out I can do it all from the car (obviously when hubby is driving LOL) – how time saving and worry free is that technology going to be – bring it on! Now! LOL xx

  39. I think this is a brilliant idea, i’m always worrying i’ve left appliances switched on and often find myself having to text to get somebody to check for me while i’m out.
    Have tweeted as @NicolaAnnaLou

  40. Excellent idea..if I win can I link them up to my oven & iron? That would be amazing!

    Wonder how long it will be before we can control all our appliance in our houses externally? Imagine having dinner ready when you get home from work! …..

    Karen xx

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