Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Review & Swatches - Metallic Highlighters
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Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Review & Swatches

16 Sep 2018 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I adore the Glow Kits from Anastastia so I was super excited to try this one out. Here’s a look at the new Anastastia Dream Glow Kit. I have lots of photos & swatches for you.

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit

As you will see from the packaging, there’s an intensely luminous, holographic theme going on here in Dream. This kit isn’t for someone looking for a subtle, super natural looking glow because the finishes are intense.

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit

I unapologetically love intense highlighter, so Dream is really exciting for me.

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Features

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
  • Available HERE
  • Buttery-soft powders
  • Can be used alone or layered
  • Use wet or dry, spritz brush for more intensity
  • Unique cream powder formula
  • Smooth application and seamless blend
  • Can be used on face, eyes and body
  • Suitable for fair to deep skin tones
  • Finish is multi-dimensional sparkle with kaleidoscopic effect

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Shades & Swatches

Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit
  • Wish – pearl base with violet sparkles
  • Unicorn – lavender and pink sparkle cluster
  • Magic – icy based with kaleidoscope cluster of red, gold, pink and blue sparkles
  • Ethereal – cool tone lavender duo-chrome with blue reflective sparkles
  • Sunshine – lavender gold shift
  • Regal – golden pink base with a light kaleidoscope cluster of pink, gold and blue sparkles
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Swatches
Anastastia Dream Glow Kit Swatches

My favourite shades are Wish, Sunshine and Regal. In fact, if they made a trio with those for half the price, I’d be loving this even more.

These are full-on highlighters and completely not for the fainthearted! I don’t have a faint heart, and I believe that you can never have too much highlighter (even if other people think you can) so this is a win for me. Maybe not an all day everyday look, but absolutely amazing to pop over the high points of a well prepped, flawless base so that your glow can be seen from outer space!

The Anastastia Dream Glow Kit is £46 and available HERE now.

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